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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be at a loss for what to buy the fur kids on your Christmas list. What do dogs want this holiday season? The best gift ideas for pets aren’t just treats… there are so many amazing things for our fur babies!


 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

1. Petzi

Does your dog wish you could be home all day with him or her? The Petzi is a wi-fi enabled web camera that not only allows you to interact with your dog while you are away from home, but also dole out treats at the touch of a button. This is one of those perfect gift ideas for the dog with mild separation anxiety, or the owner that can’t stand an hour away from a beloved pet.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

2. Stylish Collar/Leash

Designer clothing and accessories are a great gift for humans, so why not allow your pets to join the fun? A stylish collar and leash set is sure to draw attention to your pet while out on a walk. Dog Tag Art has some super cool leashes, collars and tags.  The variety is endless you’ll be set on gift ideas for your pets for years to come!

3. Interactive Dog Toy

The number one reason that dogs develop behavioral issues is due to boredom. These interactive dog toys force your pet to use his or her mental muscle in order to earn a tasty treat. For especially curious pups, entire meals can be fed using an interactive dog toy. This gift is perfect for the dog that stays home alone during the day. Athletic Pets has everything you can think of for the fun-loving pet that will be sure to curb their boredom!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

4. BarkBox

Subscription boxes are all the rage this holiday season, with services that deliver everything from makeup to clothing to underwear directly to your doorstep each month. The BarkBox is a subscription box designed for your dog. Each month, your pet will receive 4 – 6 hand-picked treats and toys that are sure to please.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

5. Doggie Beer

Why should the adults have all the fun at holiday parties? This “beer” is a liquid treat that contains beef, pork, and chicken, and is perfect when served cold over dry kibble.  Amazon sells a really meaty Bowser Beer that will make for some happy pups.  Don’t worry, there is no alcohol and this is a very safe thing for our most precious family members!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

6. Plush Bed

If you get tired of sharing your pillow or your favorite chair with your dog, give your pet his or her own comfy chair, such as the Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed sold at Pet Smart. This fun design is perfect for the dog that likes to burrow into small spaces, especially in the winter time. You can find a ton of other pet related gift ideas at Pet Smart.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

7. Donation

Is your dog philanthropic? Consider giving a donation in your dog’s name to your pet’s favorite animal shelter, rescue, or canine organization. This gift is a perfect way to say thank you to the animal shelter that introduced your dog to its best friend. If you have a close friend or family member that adores animals just like you, you can also make a donation in their name as well.  This is truly the gift that keeps on giving in so many different ways.

What our fabulous pets want more than anything is love and attention from us.  They so wonderfully give us their unconditional love day after day. We love to spoil our furry family members all through the year and Christmas time is no different.  Finding the best gift ideas to our furry friends is the easiest on our shopping list… They love everything!