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Holiday Seasoning Buying—Baking Supplies for a Year

A lot of people take advantage of seasonal sales throughout the year in order to save on furniture, household items, gifts, clothing and shoes. I love back to school sales when you can pick up basic home office supplies on the cheap. Have you ever thought about a stock up time for baking supplies? Just as I stock up on pens, pencils and notebook paper in August, I do the same for baking supplies from September through Christmas. Yes, baking supplies. It is at that time that I stock up on flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, confectioner sugar, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, milk chocolate chips, M & M’s, spices and more.

Perhaps this is extreme to some people but why pay $2.99 for a bag of chocolate chips when they go on sale for 99 cents during the holidays and you have a coupon for $1.00 off two bags?

For bakers such as myself I consider September through December my stocking up time for baking supplies for a year. Yes, I buy enough baking supplies from September through December to get by until the following September.

Beginning in September, in anticipation of the upcoming holidays, you will find the best deals of the entire year on baking supplies. You will also find all sorts of manufacturer’s coupons for baking supplies – from spices, flavorings and chocolate chips to flour and sugar. To entice customers into their stores, managers will offer in store coupons that you can team up with a manufacturer coupon for added savings. If you are a baker, this is your golden time to get your pantry stocked on the cheap. Even if you don’t bake a lot, this is still a time for you to get what you would use in a year’s time and save a lot of money.

I love to bake cookies, breads and rolls for my family and to give away to friends, so buying these supplies at rock bottom prices is a necessity. Storing these supplies properly is equally important because if, for example, I get bugs in the flour by not storing my flour properly then it didn’t matter how much I saved when I purchased the flour, as it is now wasted.

I store all of my bags of flour and sugar in big Rubbermaid Bins. Before I put the bags of flour in these bins I freeze the bags for 24 hours. I read somewhere that this will prevent the flour from getting bugs. Then when I put the bags of flour and bags of sugar in their own separate Rubbermaid Bins, I also toss in several bay leaves to keep any bugs away. I have never had any bugs in the flour or sugar. Check the expiration dates on these baking essentials and you will find that the majority of them have a date that is one year ahead so storage is not a problem.

If you have never stocked up on baking supplies, you don’t have to go to the level that I have gone. Perhaps you would like to stock up for 3 months or 6 months. It all depends on how much you bake and how often and it also depends on how much room you have to store your supplies. Even if you start small and purchase 1/3 of the supplies that you would need in a year, you will still save a considerable sum of money.