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Holiday Shopping: Gifts for Teacher

Your kids’ teachers play a huge role in their life. Let’s be conservative and say that your child has a six-hour school day. By the end of an 180-day school year, your child will have spent 1,080 hours in their care!

When you have a good teacher, you want to celebrate all that they do for your child during that time. You want to celebrate the education that comes from books. The education that comes from social interactions. And the fact that they play such a huge role in the person your child will become.

To help celebrate your teacher this holiday season, here are six gifts your educator is sure to appreciate.

Personalized Snow Globe


Things Remembered is a great place to get personalized gifts, and that includes gifts for teachers. We love that snow globes are seasonal, but also that this one in particular is geared specifically towards the passions of educators. You can also personalize it with your teacher’s name, and it can be proudly displayed either in the classroom or at home.

Personalized Apple Paperweight


If you’ve ever seen a teacher’s desk, you know the need to keep all the notes and papers on lockdown. This personalized apple paperweight also comes from Things Remembered, and can be personalized not just with the teacher’s name, but also a heartfelt message from your child about what their teacher’s influence means in their life.

Willow Tree Teacher Ornament


Willow Tree is hugely popular with women of your teacher’s generation, and this one may be the best of all for educators. Thoughtfully holding an apple, this angel from Walmart will be sure to grace the tree at home for years to come. Though we would advise making sure the teacher celebrates ornament-bearing tree holidays before making this particular purchase.

Best Teacher Ever Mug


There are very few teachers who don’t start their day out with a good old cup of Joe. When you’re dealing with 20-30 kids on a daily basis, caffeine definitely helps! Give them a smile each morning with the coffee mug, which can also be found affordably via Walmart.

Practical Labels for Perpetual Use


Want to gift something more on the practical side? Check out these labels from Mabel’s Labels. They come in packs of 30 and can be applied once. The real secret sauce, though, is that the teacher can write any name on these labels, erase them, and then add new names every school year. It’s a gift that keeps on giving even after your child has left their classroom. Unfortunately, it’s common for teachers to use part of their paycheck on classroom supplies like these, so you won’t just be giving a useful gift; you’ll also be saving them money.

Allergy Labels


Schools are increasingly concerned about keeping students with allergies safe, and we think that’s a wonderful thing! Mabel’s Labels also sells allergy warning label stickers that will help your teacher in ensuring that their classroom is a safe place for every last student to learn.