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Home Upgrades That Are Cheap in January


Remodeling. Painting. Installing new carpet. Pool installation.

These aren’t the kinds of projects you typically think of when you’re in the dregs of January snow. But it turns out the first month of the year is the best time to take on these home improvement projects. You’ll end up paying a lot less money than if you started your work in warmer months. Here’s why:


Even if you don’t plan on applying a new coat of paint until the summer, buying in January can be your best bet. Because most people don’t take on painting projects in the winter, there isn’t a strong demand, prompting retailers to cut prices so they can move their supply. If you’re doing an indoor project, you can even complete it without opening any windows or doors if you use a low VOC paint, which is absent of those noxious fumes.


Again, most people aren’t thinking about putting in new carpets until it’s warmer outside. Some may have scheduled installations prior to the holidays to impress the in-laws on their visit, but most companies see a slow down in business this time of year, prompting them to put on major sales.


If you’re looking to update your furniture, January is generally a great time to do it. New models in the industry come out in February, so most retailers are looking to sell off a lot of their old inventory in order to make room for the new. Be sure to check out deals at discounts at places like Herman Miller.

Pool Installation

Work in the pool installation business all but grinds to a halt in the winter months. Very few people think to start work on their new pool until Spring, making those in the installation business very motivated to negotiate lower prices for the same work. If your tundra is frozen, there may be some delays in getting the job done, but there’s no rush; you won’t be able to use it until the summer anyways!

White Sales

After the holidays, be on the lookout for White Sales on sheets and other bedding linens. New stock is coming in the Spring. That means that just like furniture, retailers are trying to clear out their shelves for the new inventory. There’s no shame in having last season’s bed sheets. In fact, it would be really weird if someone noticed.

Hire a Contractor

Contractors’ slow season is in the winter. With less jobs to compete for, you will have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating price. Refinish your basement, or upgrade your kitchen. Just be sure whatever job you’re looking at doesn’t involve taking down an exterior wall.

Projects Not to Tackle in January

Avoid anything that involves wood, whether that be flooring or doors. In the summer months, humidity will cause the wood to expand, foiling all of your hard work and effort. While you can elect to buy raw materials in January, do so cautiously, and avoid installation until warmer months. Otherwise, you may not be able to get your front door to un-stick come June.