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Hop Back on Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Well, folks, we’re two months into 2016. Remember those resolutions and goals we set on January 1st? If you’re like 66% of Americans, you ditched them before February even rolled around.

Don’t give up. Inspiration can come any time of year, and just because you had an off month, it doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your goals with full force come March. If you give up, nothing will happen to better your situation. If you start afresh, despite having a bumpy start, you could be rocking it by the time the calendar flips to 2017.

Here are some tips on how to get back on track for some of the most common resolutions.


We get it. Winter is a really hard time to get motivated when it comes to your health. Fresh fruit doesn’t abound, and getting up the nerve to go running in the snow?


But winter is almost over. The groundhog predicted an early Spring, and we’ve already started to see sporadic patches of warm weather in the Northeast. When it’s warm, get yourself moving. For those days when you’re still seeing flurries, track your health to get a baseline. Measuring things like your sleep patterns, activity levels, and stress levels now will help you see all of your improvement in a very real way once the sun is out for good. You can get started by using the LEAF, a stylish tracking system that hooks up to an app much like Fitbit, only cuter.


Did you have a goal to finally start that retirement fund? Is that goal still sitting on the back burner?

Bring it up front. If you start investing now, even just $300/month for the rest of the year, you could be $11,716 richer in twenty years, depending on average rates of return (which are admittedly impossible to predict, but 8% is considered a pretty solid number.)

That’s over ten grand, just for starting today and not waiting until 2017. If you have more than twenty years until retirement, the number gets even bigger thanks to a combination of time and compounding interest.

Start saving today, because time is your best friend. Your retired self will thank you for it.

Get a New Job

Still sitting at the same desk as you were on January 1? All is not lost. If your job is ruining your mental health, by all means, hit the pavement and look for something better. At a certain point, money is not worth your sanity.

But if you’re just looking for a pay raise, you may not have to go anywhere. Make a commitment to rock your job, taking your efforts to the next level starting next week. Finish work by or before deadlines. Innovate and suggest. Be a teamplayer.

Then, ask for a raise. The best times to do this are:

  • When you’ve really aced a project.
  • When an idea you’ve suggested has been implemented.
  • When you can point to hard numbers that show how much money your individual work has made or saved the company.
  • About a month before annual performance reviews. If you wait until too close to your scheduled meeting time, your pay increase (or lack thereof) will have already been decided and written in stone.


Twenty-sixteen can still be yours. If you haven’t hit your goals yet, there’s no reason you can’t start pursuing them right now.