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Host a Sledding and Cocoa Party for Family Winter Fun!

Christmas is so close, the excitement is palpable and little ones will sure find it hard to sleep tonight. If you have kids, they are likely off school for the next week at least. You are probably wondering what you can do as a family that is fun and will make excellent memories. I would love to share one of our favorite activities with you.

Have you ever hosted a sledding and cocoa party?



Do you have a great hill for sledding in your yard? We have awesome property for sledding fun. If you don’t, team up to host with a friend or family member that does have a great sledding slope or hill. Then invite friends and family, the more the merrier. You can even enlist everyone to bring something. Thermoses of hot chocolate, home baked cookies and maybe some finger foods.


Dress for the day! Bundle up in some warm coats, hats and snow pants. I found some great snow pants for my boys at Target. They really keep them warm and dry no matter how many times they go up and down that hill.


You can find a variety of snow tubes, sleds, flying saucers at Toys R Us. Pick up a variety so that everyone will be able to feel comfy and secure as they head on down the hill.

snow-tubeIf you have a portable folding table, you can set it up and put the thermoses of hot chocolate cookies and more on it to create a nice warming station. If you have a big tent, you could set that up with some folding chairs inside. It is a nice shelter from the wind and cold that will allow the guests to warm up while they sip cocoa or get in and out of their snow pants.


We love to build a nice campfire for everyone to gather around and warm up, that is the best! The kids can even roast marshmallows or hot dogs. My favorite is to wrap baking potatoes in aluminum foil and place them around the edges of the fire or on a grill on top. In no time you can warm everyone up with some hot baked potatoes. Don’t forget the butter and sour cream.


When you live where it is cold and snows, you can complain or make the best of it. I guarantee that these sledding parties are something that will make memories to last a lifetime for your family.