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How Home Security Has Become More Affordable

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Back in the day, only rich people had cameras installed in their homes to watch out for burglars and home security issues. Today, our technology has leveled the playing field. IP cameras not only make video surveillance affordable, but also intuitive.

Hook It Up to Your Smartphone

IP cameras operate as streaming devices. That means instead of recording footage somewhere on a physical tape, you can watch the stream live from your smartphone or other device. Some models, like the Xiaomi Xiaoyi Smart CMOS Camera, will intuitively start recording the stream when it senses signs of an intruder. It will also send you a notification on your linked device when there is an intruder detected. All you have to do is download the accompanying app to unlock these features.

This camera also responds to motion, and the view can be adjusted using your phone as a remote. Simply move your phone in the direction you want to look, and the camera back home will start to rotate. The features make it sound expensive, but this camera only runs you $32.99

Outdoor Cameras

If you want a camera that will watch the outside of your property, you’ll have to figure weather-resistance into the equation. The Wanscam P2P-JW0011 is not only waterproof, but also offers night vision features. Motion detection triggers an alarm and email, and the stream is accessible to up to four people at a time on both iOS and Android devices. Right now, this camera is on sale for $59.98, though its regular retail price of $90 isn’t shabby when you take into consideration its 2-year warranty.

Around the holidays, outdoor security is of special concern. This time of year, people have packages delivered to their homes in droves, and thieves know this. All around the country there are stories of people robbing porches, and there is little the intended recipients can do about it. Outdoor security cameras solve this problem as they can catch the perpetrator in the act, and possibly deter them from trying to nab your gifts in the first place.

More Than Just Security

Models like Xiaomi Xiaoyi offer more than just security. You can use them as a way to communicate with your family, like Facetime, only all through the IP cam. The video is only one-way, but your family will be able to hear you on the other side. It can also serve as a video baby monitor, and a very reasonably priced one at that. You can use it as a pet cam, and even zoom in on your feed remotely.

Where to Get Affordable Home Security

Both of these cameras can be found on GeekBuying. There are a slew of additional options there, as well, if you want to do some comparison shopping before you purchase. Products like these are merging the technological capabilities between cameras, streaming, and smart phones to bring better, affordable security options to everyone, allowing you to feel confident about your home’s security on any budget.