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How My Family Celebrates Thanksgiving

Now that Halloween is officially come and gone, it’s time to buckle down and prepare for what’s coming up next. November marks the start to the holiday season. It’s time to be thankful and reminisce on all of our blessings and spend time with family and friends.

I made it pretty obvious in my posts last month that I love Halloween, but Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. While I try to be thankful and appreciate my blessings every single day, there’s something special about setting aside one day to spend with family and loved ones and reflect on all we’ve been through in the past year. I absolutely love it.


Because I have so many children, I have much to be thankful for! I want to install a heart of thankfulness in each one of my children, but I can’t just do that in the month of November. I want it to be constant, so I have to keep it consistent in my own life. By coming together as a family and working on “thankful” crafts, we can put them up around the house and leave them out all year long to help remind us of why we’re thankful. If you need ideas for family crafts to do, or where to buy supplies, check out these promo codes from Annie’s Catalog and save money on everything you need.

Thanksgiving is about family. In our home, my husband usually has to work on Thanksgiving. I hate it, but given the business he is in, that’s just what happens. So, the kids and I spend the first part of the day together, cooking, setting the table, creating a few crafts, and just being together. No worries about school work or stress, it’s just time to be together, have fun, and enjoy the day.


We make sure we have everything ready when Daddy finally does get home. I will never forget the one year, though, where everything went wrong. The turkey wouldn’t cook, I couldn’t figure out how to get everything cooked and ready at the same time. I had 4 kids, 3 that were 3 and under, and I was a wreck. We ended up ordering pizza from Dominos that year. I felt like a failure, but my husband was so good to reassure me. And, now, we can look back on it and laugh… and be thankful that I’ve come a long way! (By the way, if you’re worried about how your Thanksgiving dinner is going to turn out, check out these promo codes from Dominos and make sure you’re prepared before you even start cooking!) 😉

I love our Thanksgiving celebrations, and I look forward to them every year. I’m so excited November is here! Bring on the turkey.