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How Quality Business Cards Can Help You Stand Out

professional woman business cards

If you own your own business or operate as a freelancer, you want to represent your business well. You want to look professional, while still standing out amongst the crowd. Often, after your first point of contact, you’ll hand a potential client or partner your business card. You do this because you want to talk to them more; you want them to remember you. You can opt for a super cheap generic version, or you can spend a little more to help that person remember you, and show them that you value yourself enough to spend on quality.

Moo is a company that helps you do just that. We’ve previously covered their revolutionary NFC Business Cards+, which pull up the landing page of your choice when they are swiped with a phone. Today, we’ll cover even more unique options from Moo that will help your business cards pop with your newly acquired contacts.

Non-Traditional Sizes

While everyone else is handing out standard-sized business cards, yours can stand out simply because they are cut to a different shape. Moo’s MiniCards allow you to get all of your vital contact info onto one, economically sized card. But their size isn’t the only thing that makes them economical: you can get up to twice the cards for half the price when compared to their original product.

Another non-traditional size they offer is Square. This gives you a little more space to play around with design, and still allows you to stand out by shape alone.

Get Out There and Shine. Literally.

All that glitters is not gold, but it is sure to catch the eye. Moo’s Spot Gloss cards shine when you tilt them in the light, and are available with the spot gloss raised, so they’re sure to garner attention from both the eye and the fingers.

Sometimes things that glitter are gold. In color, at least. Moo’s other sparkly option is Gold Foil cards. You can add this finish to your entire design, or simply add in a few spots of gold foil accents. You’re classy and attention-grabbing either way.

Feel the Difference

Want your contact to be able to feel the difference when they hold your card in their hand? Check out Moo’s Letterpress option, which combines digital printing with traditional letterpress styling and design. Accented indentations that follow your design will make your card appealing in a visual and tactile way.

You can also opt to go Luxe. Luxe cards are three times as thick as your normal business card, and the weight can be noticeably felt when you hold it in your hand.  You can apply the Luxe feature to almost any other design, making it a great way to top off your already unique style without going overboard.

Save Money

We think Moo is worth the extra money. We’ve gotten positive feedback from clients when we use their product, and built relationships that led to sales. They are not the cheapest option on the market, but the quality they provide does make a difference. If you want to close the gap on pricing, be sure to check out these promo codes so you can save on your efforts to become memorable. Right now you can get up to 50% off.