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How Scream Queens is Bringing Back Clueless

If you’re a 90s chick, you remember Alicia Silverstone’s epic outfits from Clueless all too well. It basically defined fashion for the latter half of the decade. And last week’s premiere of Scream Queens was a clear homage to the schoolgirl-sexy assembles that Cher brought to our closets. From knee highs, teeny skirt sets, chokers, platforms, and billowing faux fur, Scream Queens is about to be the decade defining fashion moment.

Here’s an overview:

Twin sets are back in soft colors, even in Fall. These do come back about once per decade in some form or another. Oh, and everything gets topped with pearls and glittering headpieces. This look can easily slide into sorority mom, rather than sorority sister, so be careful to pair this with a pair of sky high platform heels. The chunky shoe will balance out such a soft, constructed look.

Everything is topped with fur. Pink fur. Edgy is out, feminine is in. There was at least one fur item in every scene and much of it was over the top and paired with a teeny tiny skirt to balance the look.

Note that no one in the above photo is over-acessorized. The chunky ring, the striking necklace, and the bold hair clip, and the barely there choker (which brings us to another discovery–the choker is back?!)


So much going on in this still image of Emma Roberts. First of all, she is rocking white shoes post-labor day. This is an absolute must-try with a cute pair of socks. She does this look with actual knit socks and with knee high hose. This particular look brings us right back to 1995. Note that both minis are balanced with a buttoned up shirt and of course, fur.

Everything is buttoned up. and yes, driving caps are also back. Everything is an assemble, from head to toe. The collar matters, the hat matters, and the socks matter. You’ll see this look a lot from your more conservative characters. Instead of balancing the mini skirt with fur, it’s balanced with a high neck sweater accessorized by a collared shirt. And this one loves the berets and driving caps.

This is it, ladies–your 2015 fashion moment. Check out these looks from pretty much anywhere on the internet, but here’s an ASOS coupon to get you started.