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How to actually get rid of cellulite

From a person who has battled the awful effects of poor diet, I have had cellulite since the dawn of time. It has been a mission to find any type of remedies or products to get rid of this horrible imperfection.  Despite the fact that many tell me it’s all about exercise, I differ to say it’s not!  Why? Because I work out daily and it certainly helps, but if you are not a marathon runner, an extreme sports person, or a celebrity, then you will never get rid of it.

Do not discard the fact, however, that exercise and very expensive treatments can definitely help, but for the average person (aka all of us), these treatments and extreme exercises are simply not feasible.

Let me be clear, you need a combination of all 3 and it takes hard work. If hard work’s definition takes you away from reading more, then go ahead and stop reading now because this might not be the right blog for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to do what ever it takes to finally get rid of cellulite, then hang on because I am about to give you the Holy Grail of cellulite reduction. Let me get to the point.

One of the best things that could have occurred to me on social media is finding this drop-dead gorgeous UK trainer, Lisa-Marie Zbozen, who offers free online-videos about exercise called BodyRockTV. So, I started following her videos and I have to say, I lost a ton of weight. I know this blog is about cellulite… but ONE key component in getting rid of it, IS EXERCISE. TWO is dieting. No coke, no soda and no bread! The nicer you feed your body, the nicer it will look for you. Last but not least: THREE, is this amazing body toner kit that practically ices the cake for you.

Here is the challenge for 30 days! Sia Cooper is a military wife and mother that decided to make drastic changes in her life. After I read her blog on BodyRockTV, I started to believe that living a cellulite-free life was possible.  So, without further ado, here are three exercises you must do every night and here is a routine that you must follow for 30 days.

Remember, discipline is EVERYTHING.

“From Flat to Full Booty in 30 Days” –  Sia Cooper

As Sia Cooper says, 10 reps of 3 sets!




Before I continue, I must admit…yes, there is an investment aspect which is about $100. It is still, however, less than any personal trainer or high-tech medical machine. Best of all, here is a coupon to help you save more when you shop online. We here at give you access to online coupon codes, deals, and much more. For TheBodyShop, they have a 25% OFF  for the first order coupon available. Take advantage of this offer and use it!

4.  Every morning while you shower, use this rubber teeth tool and gel to STIMULATE your circulation. You can find it at
Massage your problem areas in a circular motion for 45 seconds and rinse with water.

5.  Once you are out of the shower and dried, use this brush ONLY in an upward position on the same area for at least 5- 8 strokes.

6.  Once you’ve finished using the brush, moisturize the unsightly areas combining this oil with the Shea butter.  Let me make this clear, if you do it once or twice, you are wasting your time. It must be done religiously for 30 days. I have started today, and I will show before and after pictures. I did this before and it worked so well for me, which is why I recommend it.
Good luck and please share your results!

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