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How to Add Deal to thanks for all your warm-hearted sharing your coupons or deals with other fellow shoppers!

Every day, receives so many deals submitted by our visitors or new merchants, with the click of “Add Coupon or Deal” in drop-down menus at the top of We push most of coupons live after reviews. Yet, some of them are hard to verify and pass, as incomplete and questionable coupons like without store name or URL submitted. So pitiful! How do our visitors know where to go for the deal?

To avoid pitfalls in the process of submitting a deal to, here are key tips concerning some fields in our “Add Coupon or Deal” page:

Select a Store: this step actually requires two steps: search and select. Some submitters are liable to forget to select a store. After typing a keyword in the search field, YOU MUST SUCCEEDINGLY SELECT THE STORE. Or our editors can not perceive which store you’ve submitted even though you’ve searched the store name.

Coupon Title: title is absolutely necessary in our review. Meaningless or zero title will not be published.

Is Exclusive: exclusive coupon to means shoppers won’t find it anywhere else. Exclusive coupons will be prominently exposed at our “Exclusives” Page, which is a hot place for our visitors. Shoppers like exclusives!

URL: if you share a coupon with our visitors, the link you offered could lead customers to a landing page concerning your detailed coupon code information, like the coupon valid time, coupon coverage, or restriction. Or, your shared promotion type is a deal rather than a coupon code. Just copy the destination URL with a discount ID. Customers can automately receive discounts by clicking on your link.