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How to Avoid Packing on the Pounds During Candy Season

Annnnd let the binge eating begin. If you’re trying to keep your weight down, or lose a few pounds the deck is stacked against you by October. Candy is abound, and if you have kids, you’ll want to eat some of theirs…you know, so they don’t. Then it’s November 1, and the pie orders begin rolling in. Then it’s Thanksgiving and then it’s Christmas. Everyone at work is bringing in leftover treats and desserts. What’s a person to do to stay healthy?

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1. Don’t fall into the sale trap. Halloween candy will be 50-75% off very soon. Brace yourself. Prepare yourself before walking into the store. You’ll make excuses (but I can bring it to work, but I can use as incentives for the kids, etc). But, Do. Not. Buy. The. Candy. Do your grocery shopping around the candy.

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2. Do not finish off your kids’ candy. Nobody like the Milky Way but it doesn’t mean you have to eat so you don’t have to throw it out. Don’t martyr yourself by eating the Milky Way. If you plan to limit your kid’s stash, it doesn’t mean you take the rest for yourself. Toss the rest, or donate it. Yes, you can donate it the Halloween Candy Buy Back.

3. Don’t deny yourself completely. What’s your favorite candy? Twizzlers? Grab the Twizzlers from your child’s stash without him looking. But ONLY Twizzlers. And be reasonable. Don’t eat twelve because they’re small. Stash them in your office draw to satisfy a craving. Halloween candy is the perfect size to scratch an itch, but not give yourself a metaphorical rash.

4. Make a plan for the rest of the season. Halloween is just the beginning. Whether you resolve to walk the dog twice per day instead of once, get on the treadmill, take a yoga class, or bundle up the baby for a brisk stroller walk, do SOMETHING. You can’t move less and eat more. That’s just Health 101.