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How to Break the “No White” Rule

It’s 2017 and wearing white after labor day is easy. All you have to do is…wear it. These rules may be old school, but I know the feeling when you put on something white post Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. Something just feels…off about it. But the thing is, it’s warm out. And it will be for several more weeks, into October if we’re lucky. So why should you have to hide away your summer clothes? Good news is, you don’t. Here’s how to transition without spending silly money on “transition” clothes. Nobody is buying the first installment of the fall line, which is why it’s on sale immediately.

White Jeans

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At this point, you want to avoid white linen and flip flops, but you can do a substantial white pant, especially a white jean. The most obvious thing to do is pair with black because black and white always works. Period.

Another choice is the chambray shirt. Can’t go wrong here. These shirts are theoretically “fall” pieces and so pairing with a white jean makes total sense if you’re between seasons. Add a low boot, or your wedge slides if you’re toes still look pretty. Go with muted tones so your ensemble doesn’t look too spring-y. Best part? White jeans are definitely on clearance.

White All Over

It can be done. Not by an amateur, but it can be done. There will be plenty of heavier fall pieces in white. Pair the cashmere sweater with your white pencil skirt, but for the love of Chanel, make sure it fits well. This means no panty lines, no pudge, no bulging. Get your size to create a smooth silhouette. Pair with nude heels for a knockout look. If very daring, do a white top with cut outs to break it up with some skin. Add a substantial (dark) piece of jewelry or surprise everyone with a bold colored blazer.

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White Pumps/Shoes

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Even though we talk a big game about how okay white is, white shoes need to go after Labor Day. Unless you’re doing the whole white ensemble thing, the white shoes can be too distracting unless paired with a heavy jean, like pictured above.

The White Skirt

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You can totally rock a white skirt, but MUST put away anything eyelet. The eyelet is such a summer look that it won’t transition well. On top do something bright, but not a summer bright or a pastel. A deep red or olive green will really stand out. For shoes, go with a low neutral bootie or flat. Black can work like on the models above, but only if it’s an all white ensemble. Otherwise, you have too many color blocks going on.