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How to Choose Sunglasses that Compliment the Shape of Your Face

Do you try on pair after pair of sunglasses only to find that you don’t like the way you look in most of them? Would you like to find a pair that fits your face and flatters your features without trying on every single pair you see? Take the hassle out of shopping for sunglasses by narrowing down the options before you ever step foot in the store.

Finding the perfect pair of shades is easier than you think. The first step is to determine the shape of your face. There are four primary face shapes including oval, round, square and heart. Read through the descriptions below and decide which description most applies to your own features. Then choose your next pair of sunglasses based on the shape of your face.

Oval Shape

An oval face is typically defined as long and thin with a chin slightly narrower than your forehead. If you have an oval face you won the luck of the draw when it comes to the selection of your sunglasses. You can try on any pair and look really good in them. Square, circular, aviators and cat-eye are all solid options for you. Since everything looks good, why not try on a funky pair of glasses like the Rose 56mm Cat Eye Sunglasses by DIFF shown on the right above. These colorful cat-eye frames come in eleven different frame colors with varying lens colors including blue, red, yellow and pink. You can find them at Nordstrom.

Round Shape

Round faces are typically defined as faces that have similar widths and lengths. They are also described as being widest at the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead and jawline. If you have a round face you’ll want to avoid round shaped glasses that will accentuate the curves of your face. Instead look for angular glasses that counterbalance that roundness. Square and cat-eye sunglasses are good choices. Retro square shapes like the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer® Classics are the most recognizable style in the history of sunglasses. This summer you can customize these retro square shaped frames with over 30 color options for both lenses and frames.

Square Shape

If you have a strong jawline and a broad forehead then you most likely have a square shaped faced. Square faces can be also be classified as faces with wide foreheads and wide cheekbones. This summer look for sunglasses with round frames and curved corners to soften your sharp angles, aviators and shield sunglasses are also good options. Sunglasses with soft lines and rimless edges will help too. The Ray-Ban Rb3647N Flat Lens’s metal circular frames shown on the right above are available in black and gold frames. Check out these sunglasses and similar selections from Sunglass Hut.

Heart Shape

Heart shaped faces are typically wider at the forehead, with high cheekbones and a narrower chin. If you have a heart shaped face then aviators are the shape for you. Aviators were designed for Navy pilots way back in World War II, but every few years they are updated and tweaked in new ways. This year you can find aviators with colored lenses in all sorts of shades including blue, green, black, brown and yellow. The Big Bully 56mm Aviator sunglasses by Gentle Monster feature retro polished metal frames and mirrored teardrop lenses.

When searching for sunglasses keep in mind the size of your features. If you have a small nose and eyes choose tinier, more delicate frames. If you have large features search for larger frames. Keep your sunglasses proportionate to the size of your face.

The next time you search for new sunglasses, look in the mirror, determine your face shape based on the descriptions above and search for frames guaranteed to compliment the shape of your face.