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How to Choose the Right Halloween Costume for Your Toddler

Do you plan to take your toddler trick or treating this year? Are you all excited to dress your child in the most adorable Halloween costume so you can snap a few photographs and show him off to all the neighbors? Costume shopping for toddlers is trickier than you might imagine. Before you shell out money for your favorite ensemble consider that your little sweetheart might not be thrilled with the outfit you choose. Take these factors into consideration before buying this year’s costume.

Temperature & Other Weather Related Conditions


When considering a Halloween costume think carefully about the weather in your area. Is it likely to be warm or even hot outside on Halloween night? If so, think carefully about purchasing a head-to-toe fleece costume that will leave your tiny tot sweaty and miserable. Remember that little ones tend to walk, run and move much more than they stand still. All that movement can result in your toddler feeling hot and uncomfortable. Consider searching for a costume that can be adjusted based on the temperature. Is the hood detachable? Can you remove the footies? Consider the opposite if you live in a cold weather region. Can you add tights or a long sleeved shirt under a lightweight costume? If the answer is no, then you’ll need to consider other options.



Halloween costumes aren’t typically constructed of soft materials. Take a look at the fabric and check specifically around the neck, wrists, knees and ankles for any areas of the costume that are particularly scratchy or rough. A lot of Halloween costumes attach with Velcro rather than zippers, buttons or snaps. That Velcro adhesive can be particularly itchy. Try trimming the edge of the Velcro to make it less scratchy or even cover it in a piece of duct tape. If the costume is extra roomy try adding a turtleneck to cover any rough areas around the neck or tights to cover the legs and ankles.

Diapers & Quick Exits

baby-costumesYou may assume that costume manufacturers provide snaps or buttons at the bottom of all toddler Halloween costumes, but believe it or not this is not always the case. If your child is not potty trained you may need to change his or her diapers multiple times throughout the course of Halloween night. Make certain you can do this easily; because a squirmy child may not let you put that costume back on once you take it off. If your child is potty training a quick exit is even more important. Sometimes you only have a few seconds to remove a costume when your child really needs to go.

Car Seats & Strollers


Do you want to dress your child in an animal costume complete with wings, feathers or tails? Think carefully about how you plan to transport your child to parties as well as to the neighbors’ houses on Halloween night. Wings, tails and all sorts of other adorable costume components don’t typically squeeze well into the cramped quarters of strollers and car seats. Search for detachable accessories that can be snapped into place after you arrive at your destination. These butterfly and turkey costumes from have detachable wings that can be snapped or strapped on after you arrive.

Consider a Trial Run

Put your child in his costume a few weeks before Halloween and let him run around the house in it. Check to see how much he is sweating, how often he scratches or tries to pull the fabric away from his skin and how much he fidgets or yanks off the accessories of his costume. This will help you figure out any problems with the costume and also give your child the chance to get used to it. A child may find a costume uncomfortable and awkward in the beginning, but after a few trial runs he may learn to love wearing it.