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How to do an Easter Egg Hunt for All Ages

Easter egg hunts are a hallmark of the Easter holiday. It will become the easiest, and possibly most fun holiday tradition you create. Whether you’re entertaining pre-schoolers or adults, there are lots of ways to do a proper Easter egg hunt for all age groups.

Pre-School Age

This is easy! And the most fun. Instead of hiding Easter eggs, scatter them about the yard. If you think your child won’t get as much as a kick out of the process of opening the eggs, just scatter some candy eggs around the yard. You might scatter fruit snacks or smallish toys if you’re not doing the candy thing.

Young Children

You can “sort of” hide the eggs. Rather than scatter along the lawn, tuck them away in trees and bushes. Once they figure out one egg, they’ll find them all. Place them along the perimeter of the house, to ensure they cover a lot of ground and get some exercise! This time, fill your eggs with candy, or silly shaped bracelets, rings, tattoos, and stickers. Another big hit with this age is money. Stuff a dollar or a few quarters in your eggs! It’s better than more candy. Hide one big treat, like a chocolate bunny.

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Older Kids

Really hide the eggs. Use your mailbox, flower pots, under seat cushions on your porch, in light fixtures…you get the idea. In this case, you can do a “golden egg” and put a $5 bill in it! Or, you can leave the eggs empty and do a real prize at the end for the person with the most eggs. Maybe everyone gets a chocolate bunny, and the winner gets a small basket of goodies.


You can really have fun with this! Hide the eggs for real. In this case, you may want to use the inside of your house for better hiding place. Unzip seat cushions, use the freezer, cabinets, toy boxes, microwaves and anything else! Give your guests a perimeter…or not! I had an uncle who once put holes in wall behind wall art. It was one crazy Easter egg hunt. Make your prize a good sized Easter egg basket filled with wine or other goodies your guests might like. Throw in a twist–whoever finds the golden egg means he wins and the game is over!