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How to Do Father’s Day on a Budget

When you’re on a budget, Hallmark holidays can really feel like a burden. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are no exception…much as we love our moms and dads. The important thing about the holiday is the time spent. If you’re family is in the habit of spending $50 or  more on these holidays, get out of the habit. All you really need is some quality time. And if you can’t do that, there are plenty of options for meaningful gifts that won’t break your bank.

Here are a few quirky ideas that guarantee a good time without a lot of spending.

1. Hit up the movies! Hit the movies right now! Or, watch get a stash of dad movies on Netflix, like “Father of the Bride,” “Cadyshack,” or “Finding Nemo” (depending on age group of course!). Stock up on dad’s favorite candy and popcorn and hit up a matinee of his choice, or Netflix and chill.

2.  Create a love jar. Ever seen dad cry? This is a great project that you can do this as her wife, or as a family. Your kids can decorate a mason jar with stickers or Sharpie markers and fill it with loves notes. I love you because….and fill the jar with all of the reasons we love dad. She might keep this on her desk at work for years to come. If you’re dad is older, do this with the grandkids!

3. A day off. Do all the things that dad normally does on the weekend, like mow the lawn or wash the cars. Tell dad to put his feet up and relax while you and the brood take care of the house. Better yet, organize his tool box, car, or office. You know he’ll never do it himself.

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4. A Picnic lunch. It doesn’t take much to please a great dad. Find a great spot, bring a blanket and picnic basket. Bring some wine or beer, juice for the kids, a few sandwiches and a soccer ball. Appreciate the simple things in life outdoors.

5. Memories.  Make dad a photo book done super cheaply at Snapfish. Or, you can collect memories from the family. This memory journal from Amazon is inexpensive, but pays off big. Find it at Amazon.  Dad’s like mugs and mouse pads, too. Shutterfly has amazing deals for dads.

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6. A Gift Basket. This may take some planning, but fill it with favorite stuff, like Swedish Fish, the last season of Game of Thrones, a Yankees cap, golf balls…anything that makes you thin of him. He’ll appreciate that you know him so well! You can spend big bucks getting these prepaid, or hit up your local Target for better deals.

7. Visit A Winery–this is one step up from #4! Most wineries have plenty of open space where the kids can play. You might bring a Frisbee or some other easy-to-transport outdoor toys for the kids while you sip wine (responsibly of course!). Invite the rest of the family on the outing instead of doing an expensive lunch or dinner. A few bottles of wine might run you $50 and you can bring the rest!

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8. Visit local attractions--often, the zoo or the aquarium will do do a “Dads are Free” day! Check out local parks and attractions for deals on Father’s Day. You WILL find them.

9. Omaha Steaks–Omaha Steaks can be a bit pricey, but there’s always a deal. This a great option for dad’s who love to BBQ or who just love some old fashioned, high quality meat.

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