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How to Do Zombie Makeup

zombie makeup

Halloween is on its way, and many cities are already gearing up for their annual zombie walks. Whether you participate for charity, or just plain fun, getting the undead makeup routine down can be a challenge.  We’re here to help with tips for your skin coloring, and making fake blood.

The Zombie Face

To start the makeup routine, get an extremely light foundation. Apply liberally all over your face, neck, and any other areas that are showing. After you have your foundation on, use purple-tinted blush to contour under your cheek bones, under your eyes, and any other areas you can find shadow in your reflection.  Use a dark green eyeshadow at the edges of your purple smears, and then blend thoroughly. Not so thoroughly that your entire face is purple, but thoroughly enough that the green and purple blend into each other with no clear lines.

Go back and use the green eye shadow up to your eyebrows. Apply a thin layer of light colored powder over what you’ve done so far.

Now, pick the areas on your face and/or neck that you want to apply “wounds.” Apply coral colored blush, and yellow-tinted concealer. Blend the same way you did the green and purple.

Pick a dark colored lipstick, with shades of dark purple or deep maroon, and apply to your lips. Don’t worry if the lipstick application isn’t perfect; zombies aren’t very neat.

Don’t have all these weird colors in your makeup bag? Check out ColourPop. They’re affordable and have a wide range of colors. If you don’t think you’ll ever use purple blush again, consider going in on it with a friend. When you use promo codes, you both end up spending only dollars a piece.

The Zombie Blood

To make your blood, you will need:

  • corn syrup
  • water
  • chocolate syrup
  • red food dye

First, mix 1 cup corn syrup and a ½ cup of water. Then, add 2-3 drops of red food dye. You will see that the coloring is a little too bright to be believable, which is why you need the chocolate syrup. Mix in a little bit at a time until you have your desired coloring and consistency. If you go too dark, you can always add some more red food dye.

Now you’re ready to apply. Use a popsicle stick, spoon, or other thin object with a dull, rounded edge to drip the blood in the middle of the wound spots you created earlier with the blush and concealer. It will be drippy, so give it a few minutes to dry to a gel consistency.

Since the blood is made entirely of edible ingredients, you can also put it around your mouth. For this step, you may want to get a little messy. Grab a handful of the fake blood and smear it all over your mouth and chin. The “blood” is not washable, so make sure you are wearing clothes that you are okay losing, or wearing again for next year’s zombie bash!