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How to Finish Your Holiday Shopping Before December 1st

Have you started holiday shopping yet? Believe it or not, many consumers are completely finished with their holiday shopping, and have moved on to wrapping gifts, just waiting for the holidays to roll around. It can be a very freeing experience when you shop early, and cross all gift buying off of your list before December even rolls around. Imagine how nice it would be to actually get to enjoy the holidays… to go caroling with your neighbors, to attend holiday plays, concerts and parties, and to be able to spend some time giving back this season. You too, can enjoy the holidays again, by making a plan to start your shopping early.
Be sure to budget for earlier holiday shopping. If you’re relying on holiday bonuses or extra holiday cash to shop with, you may have to do a little saving if you want to start shopping early. It’s a great idea to start a savings account earmarked specifically for holiday shopping. Decide at the start of each new year, how much you want to take out of each paycheck and put into the account. It could be as little as $20.00 a week or pay period. If you can swing this, you’ll have a nice amount to shop with when it comes time to start buying holiday gifts. If you put away a little at a time, you won’t feel like you’re going to go broke when you shop for gifts.


Look for deals year round. Oftentimes, stores like Toys R Us will offer some pretty sweet shopping deals. You can always look for awesome prices on wishlist items in store or online. If you can spend a bit of money, you’ll wind up saving even more. Right now, Toys R Us is offering a $25.00 gift card when you spend $100.00. If you spend $20.00 – $25.00 per person on say nieces and nephews, or you average each gift for your child to cost around that amount, that’s 4-5 awesome gifts for $100.00 + a free gift with the $25.00 gift card. You could use it as a gift for someone else in the family, put it away for another occasion, or treat your child to one more gift! Check out the adorable Zebra Walker above- a great baby gift for ages 6 mo+, for just $19.99!


Gift a subscription box! Go a different route with gift giving, and gift a subscription box. This is the gift that keeps on giving, in most cases. You can gift your child a subscription box each month for one year, if you’re tired of giving them the same old gifts. You can find a subscription box that is suited for their age, and their interests or hobbies. If your kids like LEGO bricks, Brick Loot is a really cool subscription box that offers a mini LEGO or LEGO inspired building set each month. The box also comes with a poster, trading cards, a T-Shirt, stickers, a monthly build magazine, and often comes with extra goodies, too! Choose a subscription plan that fits within your budget for a super cool gift that is sure to be loved. If you’re looking to save money, you can even purchase an older box at a discounted price!


Shop throughout the year and pick up gifts when they go on sale. If you have women to shop for, Pandora bracelets and charms make beautiful gifts. You can customize an entire bracelet with meaningful charms, or perhaps just gift the bracelet and one or two charms to start off with. The charms can be added for different occasions through the year, such as anniversaries and birthdays. Check out lots of gorgeous Pandora charms from $29.00.

If you’re smart about your holiday shopping, you won’t be stressing out over what to buy come December. You can pick up cool gifts all year long when you see something that someone would like, and then you’ll have December free to enjoy the holidays!