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How to Get and Use Promo Codes from iTunes

These days, young and old music lovers alike get a majority of their music from iTunes. Gone are the days of headphones attached to bulky CD or cassette players. Today we select the music we want one song at a time and download it from the internet, often onto a compact little MP3Player. It’s so simple to group all your favorite songs right at your fingertips. At iTunes, you can also shop for all kinds of Apple products: iPhones, iPads, iPods . . . . You get the idea.

At the iTunes store, you can download the iTunes media player for free, and you’re on your way to being able to download your favorite music and videos onto your laptop, iPhone, or iPad.

The iTunes online store makes it easy on the pocketbook, too! You can get many of your favorite tunes for only 99 cents or pay perhaps 30 cents more for hits in the top 100. You can get even better deals than that on certain selections.

ITunes also has all kinds of apps, too, that you can download onto your iPhone or other device. From work to play, there’s probably an app for whatever you are interested in. An app that helps you make your travel plans? One that links you to educational materials? If you have a smart phone, of course! You’ve heard the saying, “There’s an app for that” because, yes, there usually is! Find apps for entertainment, exercise, games, and family fun. The iTunes store has over 500,000 apps from which to choose.

Here’s something really cool that I just learned. You can actually contact the iTunes store to ask for promo codes in order to save money on their products. Sometimes you can get promo codes for absolutely free apps. That makes it fun to try as many apps as you want! Here’s how it’s done:

Go to the online iTunes website, find apps and click on that. Look over the categories on the left and the images to the right. Click on any of those choices. When the description of the app opens up, look at the bottom of the page to click on “contact.” You can actually email the company and ask for promo codes. Put promo code in the subject line of your email. In the body of the email, say why you want the promo codes. What reason could you give that has value to the iTunes company? Do you have a blog or youtube account from which you could offer free give-aways? This would give iTunes more business and could be something they would like to do for you. Hey, it’s worth a try! From what I hear, it doesn’t take long for someone to get back to you. It might be a day at most, but it’s usually just a few hours before you hear something.

Get your iTunes store promo codes or an iTunes promo code and check out what the fabulous iTunes site has to offer. Save on your favorite tunes, movies, and you might even get some free apps!