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How to get the flowers that you want this Valentine’s day?

You can’t imagine Valentine’s Day without flowers. Any gift for your beloved is incomplete without flowers and chocolates. It is this rush for flowers that is the prime reason for the sky rocket prices of exotic flowers around the time of Valentine. And the love for them makes them most sought after gift even several days before the D-Day. Get prepared to face long queues and empty out your wallet in your quest to get the best flowers, if you don’t know the secret to buy flowers for cheap around Valentine. The following guide will help you to get hold of the best flowers without spending a fortune:



1. Decide your budget: Having a pre decided budget will help you to avoid overspending. Check the bouquets in your price range and avoid going for elaborate arrangements. Don’t go for big numbers like 50 roses. Pick a small number of roses and couple them with seasonal flowers to make them look elegant and fit well in your budget. Anyway, you will be adding either chocolate or apparels, or jewelry with the flowers. Keep that in consideration too.

2. Early mornings: Early mornings is the best time to visit a florist shop just because there are too many options, flowers are too fresh and the rush is less. So you can spend a few minutes in selecting the best flowers and can even request a custom bouquet. The florist is most likely to oblige to custom request when there are not many customers around.

3. Select the best roses: Selecting the best roses is a tough job and requires close examination. Pick unhealthy or not so good looking flowers will defeat the whole purpose of gifting the flowers as they are appreciated only when they look fresh. Carefully look for the following points before you shell out your  month’s saving for the bouquet:

  1. A freshly picked rose will have a tight head
  2. Stay away from a tightly wrapped bouquet as it may have stale roses which the florist is trying to sell.
  3. There should be enough leaves on the rose as less leaves signify too much time in spent in transportation and storage.
  4. The roses should be stored in fresh and clean water so that they can be preserved for long.

4. Visit supermarkets: Supermarkets can be a bizarre place to get flowers but you can surely get your hands on some beautiful flowers and that too at great prices. You can even get roses at low prices a day or two before and cut their stems and place them in fresh clean water to ensure that they stay fresh. You can even find some lilies, orchids and tulips for your partner.

5. Order online: There are many online stores, like GiftsnIdeas, PickupFlowers, 1-800-Flowers, JustFlowers, Afloral, Teleflora and etc., that offer fresh and exotic flower delivery at your doorstep. These stores have tie-ups with organic flower farmers. They procure fresh flowers only and the request. These are generally, less expensive from the market as online stores are saved from the trouble of maintain stocks and running a brick and mortar shop.

These 5 tips will help you get the best of the flowers on this day of love without hurting your pocket.

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