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How to Gift a DIY Spa Day


Want to give a spa package for Valentine’s Day, but just don’t have the cash on hand to make it work? Luckily, a lot of spa products can be made at home for super cheap. Here’s how to give the ultimate romantic gift on a dime.

The Massage

Sure, it’s nice to have a professional work out the kinks in your back, but what could be more romantic than giving each other back massages? Luckily, everything from the ambiance to the massage itself can be had for a low cost.


  • Candles. Pick up candles at the dollar store, or use what you already have at home.
  • Oil. A super cheap alternative to fancy massage oil is baby oil. If you really need it to have a scent, you can mix a drop or two of essential oils into about half the bottle of baby oil.


Luxe Bath Items


  • Epsom salt. Epsom salt is surprisingly affordable when you buy it plain. You can find a four pound bag on Amazon for just $5.94. Add a couple drops of essential oils, and you’ve got a bath that will allow you to detox and remove stress.
  • Bath bombs. With some of those leftover Epsom salts, you can make your own bath bombs. BrightNest has a great recipe that also calls for baking soda, corn starch, essential oils, coconut oil, food coloring, and citric acid. Aside from the citric acid, these are all ingredients you’re likely to already have around the house, making much of this recipe free.
  • Bath pillow. Bath pillows can be had for a low price, too. We’ve found some great options for under $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond.


Post-Bath Relaxation


  • Face Mask. Face masks are incredibly easy to do at home. You can scour the internet for recipes to make from what you already have in your cabinet, or you can use our favorite recipe. Take two egg whites, a cup of beer, and the juice fresh squeezed from half a lemon. After the two of you have worn the mask for 15 minutes and rinsed with warm water, you’ll have tighter, cleaner, refreshed skin.
    If you really don’t want to DIY this one, you can pick up one-time use face mask packets in the cosmetic section of your local drug store or wholesaler, typically for under $3.
  • Music. Want some ambiance while you’re relaxing and tightening up your skin? Look up some relaxation music on YouTube. You can find one that’s well over fifteen minutes long, so your chill session won’t be interrupted by any weird ads. There’s really no need to go out and buy a CD or purchase anything on iTunes. This part of your spa day is F-R-E-E.


How Much Does it Cost?

Let’s do a rough estimate with the numbers here. We’ll overestimate, so you may even end up spending less:

$5 for five dollar store candles

$7 for baby oil

$5.94 for Epsom salts

$8 for an essential oil (assuming you don’t have any)

$8 for citric acid

$10 for a bath pillow

+$0.50 for a lemon for your face mask




Everything else you probably already have in your house. A spa day for two people is typically going to cost you ten times this amount, so $44.44 is a steal. Plus all the thought and effort your put into your gift is sure to win your Valentine over!