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How To Go About The Thanksgiving Day Seasonal Sales?

Shopping for Thanksgiving Day is both thrilling and exhausting. To beat the heat of Thanksgiving Day you need to have the game plan ready. You can’t expect to walk-in a mall at the time of noon and find all things you need. Here is the game plan that will help you get through the tiring Thanksgiving Day seasonal sales:


1. Have the list ready:You definitely don’t have the time to window shop and thus it is best to be prepared. Before you begin the shopping spree it is very important to have a list ready. Write down the stores you wish to visit, list of proposed gifts along with the names of the person to whom it is intended and the amount you wish to spend.

2. Decide on places where to shop: This time of the year almost all malls and stores are filled with thousands of gift options and stocks. To save on time and energy, start with the sores that are closet to your home or office.

3. Take care of kids: When out for seasonal or holiday sales, it is best leave the kids at home. If the situation is unavoidable, make it a game for them. Make them help you in finding the things, reading out the list and mark the items once purchased. This will keep them occupied and give you enough time to shop.

4. Mode of payment: Decide about the mode of payment of your purchase. In fact, some would suggest that it is better you make payment by cash instead of credit card. But it is a matter of personal choice.If your credit card offers you rewards, then use it to earn these rewards.

5. Family gift preferred: Instead of buying gifts separately for each member of the family, consider a gift for the family. That would look great and you would also get to save. A DVD player, home theatre could be some of the options for family gift.

6. Abstain from temptations: During seasonal sales, it is very hard to stay away from temptations. But don’t buy things only because they are on sale. IN case you fail to find the things you wanted during the seasonal sales, then the mantra is to wait. Most stores run Thanksgiving Day seasons till the first or second week of December.

7. Hire a teen to camp out: Most discounted electronic items and toys run out of stock within few minutes of the store opening. If you wish to grab these sales, then you have to be on the front line or at least near it. The only way to do this without straining yourself is hire a teen to camp out the store for you till the store opens. There are many teens who to earn few extra bucks stand all night out the store.

These 7 tips will surely help you find the best and affordable gifts without experiencing the jitters of Thanksgiving Day shopping.