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How to Help Your Child Ease Into the New School Year

If your child has not yet gone back to school, they’ll be starting in just a few week’s time. While some kids are excited to be moving up to the next grade, others just wish that they could be on summer vacation forever. Though many parents have been there themselves at some point, having to watch your kid go back to school has “all the feels.” Whether your child is excited about taking the bus again or a little nervous about meeting his or her new teacher, here are some ways to help your child ease into the new school year.
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Take Advantage of Labor Day Weekend

Many kids go back to school after Labor Day Weekend. This long weekend is a great chance for families to spend some time together before everyone’s back into their routine. The best part is, many parents have an extra day off during this weekend as well, so you can extend your trip just a little bit. Visit an amusement park, take a small road trip, do a staycation at a hotel, or hang out by the beach. Whatever you do, don’t spend a lot of money. There are plenty of deals floating around on Groupon

Family Labor Day Weekend
Get a Few School Supplies They’ll Love

Though school supplies are necessary, they definitely don’t need to be boring. Let your kids have some say in the kind of supplies they’ll need, like notebook colors or mechanical pencils. To make it a pleasant experience for both children and parents, shop online at Staples Promotional Products Walmart, or Target. Online, you can usually find better deals, a better selection, and there won’t be any need to fight anyone for the last cool folders in the aisle!Moleskin NoteBook

Get a Planner and Use it Well!

If your child wants to ease into the new school year, it’s important to stay organized. You can help by getting them a nice agenda book or planner from Moleskin. These planners are fun, durable, and currently on sale. Children can keep track of all their assignments and after school activities. It’s also a good way for parents and teachers to stay on top of the child’s progress at school.

Have Snacks and Lunch at the Ready

Most kids look forward to a delicious lunch packed by their parents. There’s nothing like being the kid with the best snacks, either. However, packing up all those things can be a hassle. You don’t want to worry about having a water bottle leak all over their backpack, or food going bad before it’s even been eaten. Shop for lunch bags and containers at Bed Bath and Beyond, where you’ll be sure to find a good price. 


Schedule Playdates and Activities on Weekends

Most children will argue that one of the best parts of school is, of course, being with friends. Others will say it’s counting down until the next vacation. Children like having time to play with their buddies outside of just recess and free time. They also like having things to look forward to during the school year. Parents can now schedule playdates with other children and also plan exciting activities throughout the year, without spending a lot of money. Check Stubhub to see what’s going on in your area.

Sending the kids back to school is never an easy time. There are a lot of things to get organized before the first day. While parents are getting everything ready, kids may also have a lot of concerns about the new year. Help them ease into it by following these tips.