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How to Host a Casual Christmas Party at Home

Are you wondering how to host a casual Christmas party at home? I’m here to help! I had been planning a casual Christmas party here at my house for the past few weeks, but the stomach flu has hit our home hard, and we had to cancel. But, because I just went through the planning process, I’m here to help YOU host a successful casual Christmas party at your home.


  • Keep the Decorations Simple. I’m guessing your home is already decorated for Christmas. Just keep your theme along the decorations you already have. For example, my home is already decorated with teal, red, white, and silver decorations, so I just stocked up on plastic plates in red, teal, and white to go with the decor. Add a shiny silver tablecloth, and we’re ready for a party! Since you already have your tree and other decorations up, there’s no reason to go overboard with other items. If you want to go an extra step, wrap all of the pictures hanging on your wall in wrapping paper and hang them back up. It’s a fun, easy way to take your Christmas decorations up a notch without spending a ton of money.
  • Encourage a Fun Theme. The theme of our casual Christmas party was going to be an “ugly Christmas Sweater” party. So much fun! I even found ugly Christmas sweater cookie cutters so the kids could decorate them during the party. Each guest was supposed to wear the ugliest Christmas sweater they could find, and there would be a small prize for the winner. There are lots of other themes you could do, though: Snowman theme, Santa theme, and more.


  • Have Your Guests Help with Food. If you’re expecting a lot of guests, request that your guests each bring a side dish or dessert. It will help take some of the load off your shoulders, and it’s just one more way to host a casual Christmas party at home. To help save even more money on food, consider these promo codes from Marco’s Pizza. Right now, they have a $2 savings on any specialty pizza. It’s a great savings!


  • Include Things for the Kids to Do. If you want to host a casual Christmas party at home, and you’re planning on allowing your guests to bring kids, make sure you have plenty of games and things for the kids to do. With these promo codes for Toys R Us, you can sign up for exclusive offers and deals and save even more money on games for the kids to play at your Christmas party.

Those are just a few easy tips to save money. I hope I’ve helped you learn how to host a casual Christmas party at home.