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How to Host a Successful Fall Dinner Party

If you are planning on hosting a dinner party any time this fall, from a simple get-together with friends to Thanksgiving dinner with your entire extended family, you may already be starting to stress out. But, don’t stress! Having a successful dinner party does not mean you have to break the bank.


Here are a few of my tips for surviving even the largest dinner party. (And, remember: I have 10 people just in my household. It’s already a party for us, so imagine how chaotic things can get when I add more family and friends to the mix!)

  • Consider your Guest List. When you write out all the names of people who will be attending your party, what does the list look like? Is it adults-only, or are kids invited? When kids are involved, you need to make sure your party is kid friendly. Make sure you have snacks and food that even the pickiest little eaters will meet.


  • Consider Clean Up and Make it Easy. The best way to do this? Paper plates, napkins, and plastic cups. I know, I know. You may have wanted to go formal, but especially if kids are involved, you are *not* going to want to have your best China out. is a great place to get everything you need to host a successful dinner party. You can shop by color, get tablecloths, serveware, even find formal plastic dinnerware that will fool your guests into thinking they are at a five star restaurant. You can also save big with the discounts here on Promospro.


  • Consider the Menu. Do not go crazy with your menu. Now is not the time to try crazy new recipes. Stick with food that you know how to cook, food that will appeal to your entire guest list, and food that is easy to serve. You can opt for a family style dinner where guest serve themselves, have the food laid out in a buffet style, or already have the food plated – just do whatever is easiest for you. (Family style works the best for us. That way, the older guests can help serve the younger guests sitting near them. Buffet style is so hard with kids. They can’t carry their own plates, and that leaves the adults juggling more than one plate or getting their food after their children have been served.) If you’re really stressed about food, maybe you should consider just ordering pizza from Dominos. Pizza is a favorite for many people, and you can find some great deals here on Promospro!
  • Consider Dessert. Keep dessert simple. Maybe a store bought pound cake with a homemade blackberry sauce. Something that’s easy to serve, and one less thing you have to stress out about.
  • Consider the After Party. Make your home comfortable enough that guests don’t feel pressured to eat and run. Have soft music playing in the background, keep the lights low, and make your sitting rooms feel comfortable for guests to move there and chat after the food is gone.

You don’t have to go crazy when you’re hosting a dinner party. Keep it simple and just have a good time. If you are stressed out, your guests will feel your stress and rush out the door. Smile, relax, and enjoy your time with friends and family. With these tips above, you’re sure to have a fantastic dinner party that people will be talking about for months to come.