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How to Keep a Small Dorm Room Organized

College is among us and that means small dorm rooms are here. There is nothing quite like trying to squeeze all of your stuff into a tiny room with roommates. Here are some tips to help you keep a small room organized.Dorm Room supplies

Go through your stuff before you leave

Don’t try and pack up all of your stuff and take it with you. At this point, you will have to go through your stuff to make sure you take what you need. There won’t be room in your dorm room for everything you own, so it’s imperative that you take this stuff. Don’t forget to snacks, Amazon Fresh is a great resource to save on snacks for your room.

Invest in some organizers
The nest step to keeping a small form room organized is to invest in some organizers. Three drawer organizers work really well in dorm rooms. Stocking up on organizers of all shapes and sizes can help make organization more successful.

Create an organization schedule

When heading to college, it’s understandable that you won’t always have time to keep organized. This is why you need to create an organization schedule, to help keep you on track. Sort of like a cleaning schedule, only you spend time organizing.

Utilize under the bedUtilize under the bed

These days, if you have to supply your own college dorm room bed, you can totally have it made. There are all sorts of fun loft beds available to help you stay organized. Even if you don’t have room for a loft bed, there are long and wide organizational totes you can buy to put under the bed. Need more room under the bed, and try these bed lifts to add more space.

Plan to use the closet or dresser

When you get to your dorm room, you will have to make some executive decisions. You may have to claim a closet or a dresser, just do it. When you know what your clothes will be housed in, it’s time to get to work organizing it. You might decide to hang up all of your clothes. You may decide to fold some clothes into the dresser and hang up the rest. So many options when you’re trying to stay organized. Foodsaver bags are always a good way to use less space and store more!

Communicate with your roommates

If you’re going to keep a small dorm room organized, you need to communicate with your roommates. Talk to them about the plan to keep it organized, maybe they will comply and it’ll be a great year full of organization (a college student can dream).

Shop at the right places

When it comes down to finding the right organizational tools, you need to shop at the right places. Some of my favorite stores to shop at are Bed Bath and Beyond,,  and