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How to make your own media system for your home

Well for those who are not tech addicts surely cannot tell the difference between different media systems, and cannot decide which one to buy. These media systems are pretty much expensive, so I would recommend every one of you to follow the advices that I will provide in this article. First of all you must make a plan of what you want to get from the sound system. The second thing to do is the budget you have provided. This problem could be easily solved, and I will present you with several versions of state of the art home made media systems. So, let’s start.

Choosing the TV

Sumsung HDTV

Because of the fact that there are many brands and models of TV’s, like LCD, TFT, LED and they all come in different screen sizes and shapes, with different resolution the decision which one you should buy is pretty much hard. Before deciding this I would suggest you to think about it, and see which model will fit visually in your room. By this I mean, choose the right screen size, according your furniture in the living room. Later on, when you have chosen the correct screen size, I want to share with you my impressions of using several models of TV’s. In my living room which is very big and has a lot of space, I bought one 65 inch 1080 pixel HDTV from Samsung. You are probably wondering how much did it cost, and to be honest it was the biggest online shopping deal I have ever made. This deal saved me $900, and I also got free shipping to my home address. It cost me just $1499. For the other rooms it was simpler and I bought two Samsung 32 inch TV. Each of them are $131.99 cheaper and cost $248. You must admit that $131.99 is a big saving, and because the order was greater the minimum amount, the store delivered the two TV’s at my home address the same day.

Choosing the sound system

linksys sound system

Sound system is also important thing when it comes to building a great media system in your home. For my home I bought this perfect sound bar wireless audio system for just $299. The tech characteristics were amazing, and this sound system fits in my living room. The sound produced is amazing, and the best thing is that the room is cable free. All the transfer of the data between the speakers and the woofer is wireless. If in any case you have a WiFi network in your home, I would recommend router from Linksys, where you will get a huge discount of $90 or more and plus a free shipping. I am recommending this one, because their products are by me the best in the class of routers. Their routers do not interfere with other networks. Have this fact in mind when you buy wireless router.

BluRay Player or DVD Player

Samsung BD-D5100 BluRay Player

Well the new technology is knocking on our doorway. The BluRay is the technology that will replace the DVD format. Always have this fact in mind while choosing for a player for your movie or music collection. For my needs in bought one BluRay player which was compatible with DVD discs. I didn’t want to throw all my DVD collections. This BluRay deal was pretty much cheap and I got Samsung BD-D5100 BluRay Player for just $59.99 and free shipping to my home address. I decided to buy BluRay because all the DVD players had similar prices, and I wanted to enjoy in BluRay discs.

Buying home media systems

home media system

If you don’t want to build your own custom made home media system, there is another option where you can buy only set of speakers that you can later connect to the rest of the equipment. The cheapest home media system that I think will be affordable and suitable to every household. The cheapest version of this deal, which I am sure that will satisfy all your needs will cost you only $399, with included free shipping on the equipment.