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How to Make Your Thanksgiving Kid-Friendly

Sometimes, holidays that adults usually love can be kind of boring when you’re a kid. Halloween and Christmas are fun because they have candy and presents. Thanksgiving to kids is just a big ol’ dinner that they need to dress up for. There are a few things you can do, though, to make your Thanksgiving dinner more kid-friendly. Soon, they will actually be excited to get into their nice sweaters and slacks for Thanksgiving!

Kids Table at Thanksgiving

Make a Great “Kids Table”

Getting banished to the “kids table” was one of the most unfair parts of Thanksgiving. It was away from all of the cool adults and while it was fun to hang out with my cousins and kids my age, it was so boring! Make the kids table interesting with a vibrant tablecloth and decorations that will make the younger attendees of your Thanksgiving dinner smile. Create custom stickers with each child’s name or placemats with their pictures on them! Save 15% with this promo codes for customized products from Zazzle.

Thanksgiving Kids Table

Kid-Friendly Recipes

As delicious as giblet gravy and sage stuffing are, not every kid understands why the heck we eat this stuff. There are two dishes that kids love at traditional Thanksgivings: mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top (emphasis on the marshmallows). Instead of giving them an entirely different meal to appease their palette, try some of these kid-approved Thanksgiving recipes that will please palettes of any age!

Thanksgiving Kids Activities

Add Games & Activities

Not only does this tip buy you and your fellow parents a ton of adult socializing time, but it also gives the kids an opportunity to bond with their relatives. Here are some great ideas for activities at the kids table:

  • Cover the table in butcher paper or construction paper and leave some crayons on the table.
  • Cut out some strips of paper and add a stapler to the table so the kids can make their own head decorations.
  • Cut out construction paper into feather shapes and have the kids create paper turkeys to use as placemats.

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Thanksgiving Snacks Goodie Bag

Give Out Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

Nothing like a little bag of snacks and toys to end a great holiday, right? This is excellent when used as both a reward for good dinner manners or an incentive! You could add some little candy corn, maybe some marbles or  small games, and a cute note reminding the kids that this is a gift from their family, and to look forward to next year.