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How to Nurture Your Child’s Creativity Through Toys

Kids love to play anything whatever you give them. Listen and ask them about a certain thing and make them think of what to do or how to do it. Thinking, on the other hand is the sole process of creativity. We let our kids think and analyze situations and help them find answers. The process of nurturing our child’s creativity is more important than the product itself. Let the child explore a variety of objects, arts and music to help them know what they really want to do.

Toys are not only used for fun and playtime – in fact, these are the tools that help build mental development of a child. When shopping for our child’s toys, we also have to keep in mind that we also have to buy toys that would enhance their creativity and help them develop their skills instead of just buying them some plastic toys.

So the question is what type of toys will I shop and buy for my kids?

There are a lot of creative toys to choose from. If you keep your eyes open, you will discover that there are so many valuable toys that would help you shape the creativity of your child.

Toys for Infants:

Toys for Infants

Even on early age, babies respond to the things they see – the colours, the sound and even the movement, because these things trigger a baby’s natural curiosity.

Examples: stuffed animals, rattles, simple picture books, small soft toys that can be thrown or toys that makes noise, push-pull toys, music-making toys

Toys for Toddlers

Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are excited to try new things and very active in so many ways. You have to give them the appropriate toys that are safe and can trigger their thinking skills.

Examples: blocks, simple puzzles, stuffed animals, balls/bean bags, construction toys, chalk and chalkboard, paper and crayons, water colors, clay, storybooks with colourful illustrations, coloring books, boxes, mats and cushions with letters and numbers

Toys for Pre-schoolers

toys for pre-schoolers

Pre-schoolers tends to be energetic and may chatter endless hours. But somehow, you also need to give them something to work on to help them develop more areas of their creative minds.

Examples: character toys, community play sets, simple construction toys, books with colourful illustration and simple stories, wheel toys, puppets, transportation or vehicle-type toys, simple musical instruments like drums, piano or guitar, balls, simple jigsaw puzzles, dress-up clothes, art materials like water colors, crayons and paints

Toys for Early School Age

Toys for Early School Age

Continue to nurture the creative minds of your child even if they are already in their early school age. In that way, their curiosity is not stopped and they will still find themselves looking for more ideas and ways.

Examples: art materials and supplies, craft kits, construction sets, board games, puppets, prop boxes and costumes, jumping ropes, furniture sets, children’s books, science kits, musical instruments, pretend play, water colors

Read to your child at night before going to bed and ask questions about the story or the character in the book or how they want the ending to be. It is the way to hone a child’s thinking skill and memory. Help them one step at a time by these toys and simple storybooks to help them unleash their creative minds.

And always remember that do not discourage a child when they attempt to show their creative side. They’re still on the learning process and eventually they will try to focus on what they are fond to do. Be patient to them while they are still finding their passion with what they see and play. And by giving them the right toys to play, you are already making a step towards their brighter future.

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