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How to Pack for Your Next Vacation

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’ll be hitting the road this summer with your family. Packing for a road trip can be a daunting task, especially if you’ll be packing for more than just a couple of people. There are a lot of ways that you can cut down on your packing time and make life easier before you head off on your trip. Take a look at some of these easy tips on packing for your next trip.

Stay ahead with your laundry. One of the best ways to make packing easy for yourself is to keep up with your laundry before your trip comes up. Make sure that you have all of the laundry supplies that you may need on hand so you can do as many loads of laundry as you need to. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day has lots of wonderfully scented laundry detergents for summertime, which will leave your clothing smelling fresh. Get $3.00 off on laundry detergent scents like rosemary and lemon verbena. One of the best ways to keep clothes smelling fresh is to wash them in the washing machine and then hang them to air dry on a line. If that isn’t an option for you, you can purchase an inexpensive drying rack for your laundry room.

Plan your outfits before packing. If you’re packing for an entire family, start with the youngest family member’s items first. Move up the ladder from youngest to oldest, and save your own things for last. When packing children’s items, it’s great to allow older children to have a say in what they might like to wear. Guide them in matching outfits if they’re independent enough to have an opinion about their clothing, but still need a little help from mom or dad. Pack enough outfits for the days you’ll be traveling, and you might even want to pack one extra outfit per child, just in case you wind up needing it. Don’t forget items like undergarments, socks, and any accessories you may need. If traveling in the summertime, one pair of active shoes and a pair of sandals should be plenty of footwear for one vacation.

Laying outfits out where you can see them matched up helps a lot. You can even take photos of what you have laid out to help you eliminate things you may not want or need. When you start packing the clothing into suitcases, start with the large items first, like shirts and shorts. Use a sizable suitcase or large duffle bag, and if at all possible, aim to have two people share one bag. If you’re in need of new luggage, don’t wait until the last minute to upgrade. will give you 10% off and free shipping on your order.  Use packing squares to held consolidate clothing and save space. Whatever can’t fit into the packing squares can be rolled and added piece by piece.

Toiletries and other essential items like medications and first aid products should be packed separately. If you’re going to be staying in a hotel overnight somewhere before you reach your destination, be sure to pack an overnight bag with everything the family needs for one night. Plan to have one small bag that children can share for small toys and books or activities to enjoy in the car. Limit the number of toys each child is allowed to bring, and leave pillows and blankets at home, unless you absolutely need to bring them along.

Be sure to follow the same method when it’s time to pack your own bag. Share with your spouse or partner if you can, and you’ll save a ton of space and be much happier with all of the room you now have in your vehicle. Happy trails!