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How to pick your dream engagement ring

Finally you have decided to tie the knot and settle down in life. With it comes the excitement to make it perfect. With so many tasks in your hands, it is natural to feel stressed and confused about where to start. Engagement ring is one of the most important things that you will require on your wedding day. So why not start your wedding preparations with engagement ring shopping. Well, it may sound easy but it is not! You will realize this when you step into the jewelry store. The following points will surely help you a lot in picking the perfect ring:


1. Get trendy: You can’t just enter a shop and pick up the first ring that strikes you. Look for trends in engagement rings these days. You can visit some online jewelry stores to get a feel of the trends. Wedding magazines can also help you to get in sync with the latest trends in engagement ring designs. Most of the brides these days are going for rings that have multiple diamond holding claws. Gem stones and colored stones are also a hit among the fashionable women of today.

2. Shapes of stones: You can try out several shapes of diamonds. In fact many couples are going for complementary shapes for their engagement rings. You can choose pear or marquise shaped for yourself if you want to show off your feminine side. There is also a wide option in unisex shapes which include princess and asscher. If you are looking for similar rings, you should opt for unisex shapes.

3. Clarity of the diamond: Even though you might not be an expert about the clarity and grade of diamond, asking about it from your jeweler will give you some idea. To begin with, you can understand that diamonds are measured on a scale of 7 for clarity and the better the clarity of the diamond, the costlier it is. Even if you select a diamond that is low on clarity, you need not worry as the flaws in diamonds are not visible by naked eyes.

4. Stick to budget: As always it is tough to find the ring that you are looking for within your budget. These days many brides are going for colored diamonds for their engagement rings. You can certainly go for pink or yellow diamonds. Since colored diamonds are expensive than colorless diamonds, you will have to loosen up your budget to some extent.

An engagement ring will stay with you throughout your life and is a stepping stone in your relationship. So any amount of time and money invested in its shopping can be thoroughly justified. In case you are unable to zero in on any single engagement ring, you can ask the jeweler to get you in touch with jewelry designers who can custom made the ring according to your tastes and preferences. After all it is your engagement ring and you have all the rights in the world to get your dream ring.