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How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

If you’re thinking about planning a family trip this summer, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a cross-country trip or splurge on an expensive resort/hotel. You and your family can connect with mother nature and enjoy a family camping trip together. It’s the perfect way to decompress and destress after a long and hard school year, a long winter/spring at work, and it’s the perfect way to spend time together. There won’t be wifi, and there won’t be televisions, but there will be plenty of majesty and awe to soak in, and lots of wonderful memories to be made.

The first step in planning your camping trip, is to find the perfect location or campsite. If you really want to rough it and tough it out, look for a mostly primitive campsite. You can look up campsites in state or national parks, which will allow you to pitch a tent pretty much anywhere you’d like. One drawback to this type of camping, however, is that you probably won’t have access to clean drinking water. You’ll need to make sure that you have water with you, and a water filter or filtration system with you, so you can convert any water that’s nearby to safe and clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, etc. It’s recommended that humans drink up to one gallon of water a day to avoid dehydration. You probably won’t have a restroom, either- so make sure that you’re comfortable with that. Keep in mind that there will be no electrical outlets, either. This is true camping without amenities.

If you’re the type who wants to camp but doesn’t want to give up the ability to take a shower, use the restroom, etc., look for a campsite that’s a bit less remote. Many parks have camping areas which offer public facilities, like restrooms, showers, and even a telephone. Whichever type of campground or campsite you choose, you will want to make sure that you have all of the appropriate camping gear needed. You’ll want to make sure that you have comfortable walking, hiking, or trail shoes. You never know what type of terrain you’ll be faced with when you set out on a nature walk or hike. Get up to 15% off women’s hiking shoes and boots at Outland USA. You’ll want to be sure to have a jacket or parka appropriate for the time of year you are camping. Rain can come out of nowhere, and temperatures have a tendency to drop drastically at night, so make sure that you are prepared with extra layers of clothing, including jackets. A proper tent and sleeping bag will be needed for a restful night’s sleep. Find your perfect tent at Kelty, and receive free shipping on orders of $49.00+. Bring along items like a knife, plenty of food, and a starter to build a campfire.

You’ll need to plan to cook meals while you camp, so bring along a grill grate from a charcoal grill. That way, you can lay it over the campfire, and you’ll have a clean space to grill on. You’ll be able to grill meats, veggies, etc, without risking contamination from the ground. If the grill grate isn’t an option, plan to make hobo meals. Bring along aluminum foil, and add meat, potatoes, and veggies to a foil pack. Seal it up, and throw directly over the fire to cook completely through. Later on, you can roast marshmallows to make smores- a camping trip must!

Before you set out on your trip, check out this packing list:

Sleeping bag
Small Knife or Multi-tool
Hiking bag or day pack
Water (and filter)
Sneakers or hiking boots
Comfortable clothing
Socks and undergarments
A jacket and rainwear
Toilet paper
Sunscreen and insect repellant
Antiseptic wipes
First-aid kit
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Playing cards
Matches or lighter
Meals and snacks
Black trash bags