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How to Plan a Halloween Party

Kids love Halloween, so why not do something a little extra spooktacular for your kids and their friends this year by throwing them a fun Halloween party!? You can host the party on Halloween night, and have it be the pre-trick-or-treating fun for friends and family! You might start a new tradition and have something to plan with your kids every year. Remember, adults love Halloween, too. You can encourage adult friends and family members to get involved in the Halloween fun, as well!
To plan your party, decide from the get-go that you’ll keep it simple. Think of the ages of those who will be coming to your party. If you have varying age groups, plan different games and activities for those groups. You won’t want to have out any decorations or play any games that might frighten or offend anyone. Make sure that young children stick with a parent if they’re prone to scaring easily.


Decorate your house to the nines! Halloween is one of those holidays where people tend to go all out with decorating. Don’t hold back! If you love theme decorating, decide on a theme for your Halloween party well in advance, so you have the time you need to collect supplies. You can make your party sugary and sweet or spooky and scary. If you’re decorating outside, consider using fun Halloween inflatables. You can create eerie lighting by using spotlights and changing out the bulbs and using colored light bulbs. Red and purple are spooky colors that will work well once night falls. Set up a cool warm beverage station somewhere in your kitchen or dining room and let guests warm up and help themselves to a nice hot cup of cocoa, coffee or tea. Stock up on K-Cups at BJ’s… you can save up to $12.00 on your K-Cup purchases!


Feed your guests. No one wants to leave a party hungry- especially if they have a night of trick-or-treating yet ahead of them. Put out simple snacks that everyone can pick up and eat without utensils. A veggie tray, some cheese and crackers and fruit will do the trick. If you really want to please your guests, order some pizzas from Domino’s ahead of the party. You can make cute little Boo-Nana ghosts, cutie pumpkins, or mummy wrapped hot dogs if you want to serve themed snacks. You can impress your guests by sending each one of them off with a small bag of popcorn to snack on while they walk their kids around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Their tummies will thank you half way through their evening out!

Set the tone with music. You can easily create a cool Halloween playlist using iTunes or Spotify. If you’ll have kids at your party, it’s best to stick with fun and upbeat songs that they’ll enjoy hearing. If your party is more adult themed, you might want to make a playlist of spooky sounds to throw them off.


Have fun with games and crafts. Kids and adults will love getting creative and painting or decorating pumpkins. You can buy little pie pumpkins for a couple of dollars each at the store, and invite guests to show off their decorating skills at a specific table set up with craft supplies. Host a contest and offer a few fun prizes for the best-looking pumpkins! Keep the mood light and fun- nothing too heavy or too scary for a family friendly scene. When you’re ready for the party to end, begin passing out a little ‘thanks for coming’ goodie bag or prize to your guests. They’ll get the hint that you’re ready to call it a night, and will be raving about what a success your party was!