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How to Plan Your Family Fall Movie Night

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With the weather getting chillier, families need to find alternative ways to spend time together other than the outdoors. One thing that everyone loves is a movie night. And, this time of year, there are plenty of good films to watch. Get your family together and make sure everyone cancels their activities this Friday.

Here’s how you plan your unforgettable fall movie night.

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Pick a Movie

First and foremost, you must pick a movie (or movies) for your family fall movie night. Generally, this season is good for horror flicks, but depending on the age of your kids or the fear tolerance of your spouse, that may not be a good option. Perhaps you want to do a Harry Potter marathon or show your kids the joy that is Hocus Pocus. Pick a few movies and make a vote, or use Netflix to see what’s available.

Get the Snacks

What’s a family movie night without the snacks? Head to your local supermarket or order some bundles off of Amazon Fresh. Though popcorn, candy, and chocolates are always favorites, maybe some pumpkin pie or candy corn will be a good choice for this movie night.

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Score Some New Jammies

Fall time means you can wear your favorite warm pajamas around the house. Planning a fall movie night means you have a good excuse to shop for a new pair. Bring the whole family to Target where you can save money on everything from sweats and nightgowns, to onesies and bathrobes. If your kids are really little, then try Carters Canada

Have Blankets and Slippers Prepared

Nothing completes a fall movie night like a pair of new slippers and a few blankets for the family. Bed Bath and Beyond has a great selection on blankets and slippers, as well as other household items. Get 20% off of your purchases.

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A New, Big Couch

There’s no way to watch a movie as a family unless there’s a big, comfy couch to sit together on. If you need a new couch or some fun bean bags for the kids, then take advantage of good deals on furniture from Madison Seating.

Design a Cozy, Creepy Atmosphere

A fall movie night means that the atmosphere of your living room should be as eerie as possible, or at least fall–related. Go to your local party store or order online from Goedeker’s. Get some orange lights, a few jack o’ lanterns, leaf decorations, and a pumpkin spice candle to set the mood.

Now you have all the tools to plan your family fall movie night at a good price! Time to go shopping!