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How to Prepare for Your Thanksgiving Celebration

The holidays are such an exciting time for those who love to be with family and friends. It’s also a wonderful time for those who love to cook and entertain. It can be a lot of fun to play hostess for Thanksgiving, but there is also a lot of work involved, as well as the cost of throwing a Thanksgiving meal for a lot of people. You don’t have to wind up spending a ton of money on Thanksgiving. It’s very possible to throw a budget friendly party or gathering for a small or large group. Planning simple dishes, and being smart about asking others to pitch in and help will save you money and will help to you have a more enjoyable time with your loved ones.
Plan a simple menu. Cooks tend to go overboard on Thanksgiving, cooking and baking everyone’s favorite family dishes. There’s no need to cook like you’re going to be feeding a small army of people. Count how many people plan on attending, and cook for that amount of people. It’s okay to assume that some people will want second helpings, or that you can send leftovers home with folks, but try to keep the leftovers to a minimum. Ask family members to pitch in and bring covered dishes. Make a master list of all of the dishes you’d like to have covered when you’re inviting family over, and ask one at a time if they’ll make a specific dish. Make sure favorites are included, and leave the rest for the next holiday- Christmas is just around the corner.

This should be fine. Side view of handsome young man holding bottle of wine and looking at it while standing in a wine store
This should be fine. Side view of handsome young man holding bottle of wine and looking at it while standing in a wine store

Once you’ve decided on which dishes you’ll be cooking, make a grocery list and take it with you to the store. Shopping at BJ’s can save you a ton of money, especially if you’re needing to buy things in bulk or larger quantities than normal. You do need a membership to shop at BJ’s, but it’s really worth it so you can save money on the items you need for the holidays. Save $50 on a BJ’s membership, and start enjoying the savings. During your shopping trip, you can stock up on household items like paper products. You can even purchase fresh cut flowers and save some money by making your own floral arrangements for the table and the rest of your home. You might even spot some great deals and get a leg up on Christmas shopping.


Don’t forget about your pets when making your Thanksgiving plans. When the house is filled with guests, or you need to be in the kitchen cooking, and don’t want the animals under your feet, give them a special treat to keep them occupied. PetSmart has great deals on items for your furry friends. Order your pet treats online and you can save between 15-20%.

Let others pitch in and help. If you have friends or family members who offer to pitch in and help with set up or clean up, don’t say no! Let them help you, and don’t be afraid to delegate responsibilities if they offer their assistance. These tips will help you and your loves ones to have a truly enjoyable Thanksgiving to remember,