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How to Prepare to Shop Green Monday Sales

The second Monday of every December is Green Monday, a day that’s dedicated to saving money. As one of the lesser-known shopping holidays, you can really use Green Monday to your advantage and snap up some best-selling items at their absolute lowest prices.

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1. Find out which stores participate in Green Monday

Check the websites and online shops of your favorite stores to see if they have any Green Monday promotional ads. If they do, you know that they will be an excellent stop on your Green Monday shopping trip (whether online, or in-store). If not, don’t lose hope! Many stores don’t reveal their sales until they day of the actual sale. If you’re uncertain, shoot an email to customer service or give them a call on the phone.

Smaller businesses may not be aware of Green Monday, so asking them if they participate may let them know about an opportunity for big Green Monday sales!


2. Get your gift list organized and ready

Treat your holiday shopping like you would treat any other project you really care about. It might seem nerdy, but creating a spreadsheet for holiday gifting is a great idea. If you have more than a couple of folks that you want to buy gifts for, it can get really confusing and hard to track. Shopping online means there are days – sometimes weeks between the time you pay for a gift, and the time you get it. Losing it all in an email flurry of holiday sales and order confirmations is all too easy.

Use shopping lists to stay organized, and if you have multiple stores to go to, create a separate list for each one. The last thing you need is to be searching through one gigantic list to find individual items. Only take one list at a time into each store, and it’ll streamline your shopping experience. Save money on Etsy shopping lists with coupon codes, you can even personalize them!

3. Set your alarm

First come, first served! Finders keepers, losers weepers! Whatever playground taunt you want to use, the fact of the matter is that the early bird gets the worm. (Oh! Another one.) Get a head start on the best sales of the season by starting early. Doorbusters are just as impressive online as they are in-store, and missing out can really hurt you if you’re trying to save the most money possible.

If you’re planning to shop online, get all of your coupon codes ready the night before so you don’t waste any time looking for them when it really counts. You can check coupon code databases online, or skim through blog roundups of popular sales. If you’re shopping in-person and you have coupon codes, pick up a small coupon organizer from the drugstore, or use our promo codes for The Container Store to save money on a high quality coupon organization system.

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