How to Prolong Battery Life

When you buy new electronic equipment like laptop, camcorder or cell phone, it’s always supplied with compatible battery and recharger. However, as you use your gadget over a period of time, you’ll begin to notice the battery takes longer to charge, and doesn’t hold its charge for as long as it used to.

Replacement batteries can be quite pricey, typically costing $40 or more. So, an understanding of the dangers of not caring for your battery properly, and knowledge of how to prolong the life of the battery might save you some cash as well as the hassle of not having enough power to capture a video you wanted to shoot.

Here are some battery tips to help you avoid costly blunders:

Always protect your battery from high temperatures. The number one enemy of batteries is heat. Anton/Bauer is a leading authority on video camera batteries, and they claim that exposure to excessive heat can increase your battery’s deterioration process by as much as 80 percent. Heat also slowly saps a lithium ion battery’s ability to hold its charge. If you plan to store your batteries long-term [i.e. for several weeks] between shooting sessions, store them in the fridge. Always seal them in a plastic bag, first, to avoid the [rare] possibility of a battery leakage which might contaminate food.

Never recharge a cold battery. If you take your battery out of the fridge or out of a cold car in winter, always allow it to return to room temperature before placing it in the charger. Batteries can possibly explode if placed on a charger when too cold.

If you carry camcorder batteries loose, don’t let them jostle around. This can impact your battery’s life expectancy and performance. Also, never use any battery which shows any signs of physical damage. The battery’s external coating is designed to keep the battery acid inside. If the battery is damaged, the acid could seep out, damaging anything it comes into contact with.

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