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How to redo your guest room this holiday season?

The holiday season is here and even if you don’t have too many guests at your place, it is essential to keep it in sync with the rest of your house. So if you had left your guest room while you got your entire home renovated  last year, it is high time to get into action and update your guest room. Don’t forget to maintain the three essential features of a great room- coziness, comfort and cleanliness. Some of the quick and non-expensive ways to do this are listed in the below guide:


1. Change the furniture: If the last time you updated the furniture in the guest room was several years, you can replace it with new and cozy furniture. A bed with a headboard looks stylish enough for every room.  If the room has space you can even add a small coffee table or a couch.



2. Add stylish and decorative pieces: Small things like paintings or small designer pieces can add a great aesthetic value to the guest room. You can handpick some small pieces from an online mall to save your time and that too at amazingly low prices but whatever you choose should not be too flashy or eye popping. Remember the guests may have a different taste that you.


wall papers

3. Put in some colors: Getting the room whitewashed can be quite expensive and if you are not willing to spend that much, you can always go for some designer wallpapers. These wallpapers are not only stylish and come in several colors and designs but they are also simple to use. You can even do it yourself and save quite a lot. Go for neutral shades like buttery yellow or blue and grey.


bedtime accessories

4. Stock up all bedtime accessories: Even though you should keep the guest room ready at all times, it is imperative to do so at this time of the season. So puts extra pillows, cushions and foot mats near the bed. The idea is to make the guests as comfortable as possible.



5. Gear up the guest bathroom: You would not like to run for towels at the time when your guest is in the bathroom. So remember to stock fresh towels in their bathroom even before they arrive. Also stock up all the toiletries that they may need during the course of their stay.

Try to keep the guest room as personal as you can, to give a homely feeling to your guests. If you already some of the forthcoming guests, you can also add their personalized touch to the guest room while preparing it for them. If the kids are also coming along, you can get some cartoon movies or toys for them or even bake some cookies all by yourself. Your guests will surely appreciate your efforts and it will take your relation a long mile.