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How to Save Money by Cutting on your Internet Expenses

Gone were the days when a man can live without a mobile phone, days that calls are made when it’s extremely important, those days when only the word URGENT cost dimes in a telegram, and gone are the times when someone had to go to a public library to look for a piece of information.

Since lifestyle had been greatly affected by the sudden surge of communication technology; it looks as if it is almost impossible to cut down expenses on this new lifestyle. A simple “good morning”, a brief “hello”, and a heartfelt “how are you?” are now considered extra expenses. Technology is good, and spending money with it is worth the convenience it brings to mankind.The sad thing is, people incur more expenses than they should. Most of people’s activity are now done over the internet using new gadgets, spending more time than they should and by using more applications, more programs either on a personal computer, a mobile phone, an e-notebook, or an electronic pad. These new gadgets are the new source of complicated financial status, as mishandling of time and money is prevalent in today’s generation.

People begin courting each other by text, fight with one another on a call, and pass around nonsense messages over the net. All these, they call the new way to communicate. People began to define relationship in the context of Social media. These Social media on the other hand, become the medium of the internet for the people to surf more, chat more, which could literally leads to spending more.

To cope with the swelling expenses incurred through internet use, consider the following tips:

• Choose a Plan. – Checking your real internet needs lead you to a good choice. Be true to your assessment. People’s activities vary. There are those who needs internet more than the others. A pre-paid plan is good for those who does not need to communicate every now and then, but only when the message is urgent. On the other hand, those who needs internet for everyday research, or an online part time job will benefit from an unlimited plan. So carefully think about your communication requirement and take it from there.

• Decide which gadget will you be getting an internet plan for. – If messages can wait till you get home, then you don’t need to have internet on your phone. Send E-mail messages at home rather than incurring bills for two plans. For those who are always on the go, and need to send more e-mail messages while on the road to complete their everyday task, a phone internet plan is inevitably necessary.

• For thoses who are using smartphones with a prepaid plan, and has a very limited need of the internet, you can stick with Wi-fi at any other location and make sure to turn off the 3G connection on your phone. Make sure to check with your celphone company’s technical support department, how to turn the internet off once in a while. In this way, you can browse the internet using Wi-Fi with no charges at all, and when incidents like these are accumulated, you will never know how much you have saved.

• If phone plan and home internet plan are both needed, take note of the small but great ways to reduce expenses in each gadget. Be aware of applications in your gadget that use the internet data plan before it works. Get rid of them.

• Make sure to switch back your internet connection to 3G only when necessary and for official reasons, other things can wait until the weekend where you have enough time to log on to your computer and do the exchange of information there.