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How to Save Money on Your Beach Vacation

save money on your beach vacation

Getting ready to head on your summer beach vacation?  So are we, and we’ve got some dynamite tips to help you keep it nice and relaxing for you, your family, and your budget.

Buy Attraction Tickets In Bulk

In many beach towns that you go to, there will be a few businesses that own multiple attractions.  They don’t just want you to visit one; they want you to visit all of them.  To entice you to do this, they often offer ticket bundles at a discounted price.  Ripleys is a good example.  They have aquariums, mirror mazes, sightseeing tours, 5D movies, laser races, wax museums, and, of course, their Odditoriums.  When you buy tickets to multiple attractions at the same time, you can save anywhere from $5-$16 per person.  If you’re taking a trip with the whole family, those savings add up quickly.

Celebrate Those Summer Birthdays

Many businesses, especially restaurants, will give you freebies on your birthday.  If you’re headed to the beach, you have a good chance of running into someplace like Medieval Times, where you get free admission for the lucky birthday girl or boy during their entire birthday month.  Check out the places you know you want to eat ahead of time, and see if they have similar offers.

Get a Kitchen

When you are booking your accommodations, look for a place with a kitchen.  Whether you’re booking a hotel room or a condo, having a kitchen can save your food budget for the week.  Eating out, especially with the entire family, is going to add up incredibly fast if you’re doing it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  (Or even just lunch and dinner if your hotel offers complimentary breakfast.)  Enjoy yourself and go to a restaurant or two, but don’t spend your entire vacation budget on someone else cooking for you if you don’t have to.  Let everyone pick the entree for one meal.  By giving everyone their favorites, you’re less likely to run into any complaints.

Book Your Reservation With Rewards

Credit card rewards are great for travel.  They can cover flights, but they can also cover hotel rooms.  You shouldn’t go this route if you’re not sure that you will have the discipline to pay the balance off in full every month, but if you do, you can earn enough for a free stay relatively quickly.  At the very least, sign up bonuses should allow you to get the first few nights for free.  If you have a rewards card with a specific hotel chain, you’ll likely get enrolled in whatever their VIP program is, making it more likely that you’ll get a free room upgrade if at all possible.


One of the cheapest things to do at the beach is to actually go to the beach!  Spend lots of time on the shore, whether you’re laying out or catching some waves.  It’s relaxing, fun, easy on the budget, and the entire reason people flock to beach towns in the first place.