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How to Save Money When Getting Your Taxes Done

It’s tax time again! Have you finished your taxes and are anxiously awaiting your return, or are you expecting to have to pay the government and want to hold of filing for as long as you possibly can? Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be to get your taxes done. That’s why I’m here to help! Thanks to me and PromosPro, I’m going to help you save money on getting your taxes done this year!


  • Planning to do your taxes by yourself? Right now, you can find all of the great tax time promo codes all in one easy to find place. This should absolutely be your first stop before purchasing any tax software programs so that you can find exactly what you need from the companies you trust most. Doing your taxes yourself cuts out the middle man and keeps more money in your pocket – which is great, especially if you’re going to have to pay out this year! Most tax software programs will check to make sure you get the most deductions and they are fast and easy to use. Check for a program that will allow you to e-file so you can get your refund faster or know the government got your money right away. H&R Block is offering free tax filing with their Free Basic edition. What could be free tax filing? Not much!


  • Need Some Extra Help? Call around to local tax offices and ask for basic costs. Your best bet may be to go to a CPA rather than use a larger company. CPAs will typically tell you all of their fees up front, while most of the chain tax service providers can have hidden fees that will add up quickly. Be sure that when you call, you ask about any extra fees that you might encounter. If they aren’t up front about additional fees, you may not want to use their services. Go with your gut, after all, you want to be able to trust the person handling your tax preparation.

Want Peace of Mind? If you’re like me, you stress and worry over taxes, and you think that you have to pay more in order to keep yourself safe from getting audited. (Although, really, there’s nothing that can truly save you from being audited.) This is not always true. There are excellent CPAs out there who will take on new clients, save you money, and do a fantastic job.


Don’t sweat over your taxes this year. Whether you file yourself with the software mentioned above, or you find someone to do your taxes for you, you don’t have to spend a lot!