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How To Save Money While Doing Laundry?

We might not realize it in the process but we end up spending a lot on doing laundry than we think we do. Realization hits us when we get our monthly electric bill and we are left with a burning hole in the pocket. Doing laundry is an expensive process but there are some tips that allow you to save money. Here are those tips revealed for you:

doing laundry

1. Wash full loads with cold water: Putting clothes full load into the washing machine rather than small batches will help a lot in saving electric bills and water. Sometimes it might not be possible to put all the clothes together as there are clothes which can leave color or are dirtier than others. But whenever you can, try segregating clothes according to the wash type and put in full loads. Another way to save cash is by washing clothes using cold water. Around 90% of the cost of doing laundry comes from fuel to heat water. Using cold water cleans the cloth properly too especially if used with a soft detergent.

Tip: Use hot water only for washing white clothes.

2. Dry clothes on a line: Drying clothes on a line saves on the electric bills throughout the year. It may not be efficient during certain types of weather but when the sun is shining brightly or the weather is a little breezy then hanging the clothes on the line and securing them with a clip will work wonders and at the same time save loads of money. Another tip is that hanging clothes on the line holds the fabric for much longer and you won’t notice the clothes shrinking as you do when taking it out of the dryer.

Tip: Don’t dry bright clothes in direct sunlight as they may fade.

3. Use home-made laundry products: Some low cost natural home-made alternatives to detergents and laundry products from the shops are quite efficient for doing laundry. You can make your own stain remover by mixing Borax, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar. In order to make home-made bleach, add half cup of lemon juice to the rinse cycle of a medium load of whites. A quarter cup of baking soda added to the wash cycle will make a perfect fabric softener. For color brightener, add a capful of vinegar to the detergent. These products will not only save a laundry trip to the shop but also some huge amount of money.

4. Watch out for free samples of detergents: Might sound a little cheesy but if you keep an eye out for such stuff, you will end up saving a lot. A lot of times, stores give away free samples of detergents along with other products. Some companies also test market their product before launching it by giving away free samples in the stores. Sales and occasions are also some periods when you can get away with free products.

Tip: Scan through online stores to get great offers on laundry products.

Using the above tips will make a significant change for you in terms of saving. Not just that but some methods are also environment-friendly. So take note of the fact that apart from saving a lot on laundry you also go green in the process!