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How To Save Money While Shopping For A Growing Kid?

A growing kid has unlimited size changes and to your dismay, each size change needs a new shopping trip. Every time they want to go somewhere, you have to scroll down the whole wardrobe to find an outfit that still fits them. If the kid is quite young, you can convince him or her that capries and smaller skirts are in fashion, but this trick doesn’t work on teenagers. In this case, shopping becomes a compulsion which is nothing short of a nightmare given the high inflation rate. With a little smart planning, you can not only keep up to your child’s expectations, but you can also save quite a lot of money. Read on to know the tricks to save money while shopping for a growing kid:

Shopping For A Growing Kid

  1. Wait for sale periods: A sale period is usually the best time to shop. Being a mother, you are already aware of your child’s growth rate, so you can shop during sale keeping in mind the size requirements for the next season. This way you will be able to save money and prepare a brand new wardrobe for your kid.
  2. Online stores and marts: Online stores give you plenty of choice in terms of variety, designs and offers which a traditional store can’t even think of. You can keep a track on online offers and shop whenever you find a suitable offer or need to do some urgent shopping. This saves not only your money but time too.
  3. Go for unisex clothes: You must consider yourself lucky if you have two kids of opposite genders. In this case, you should go for unisex clothes such as t shirts and pullovers. The clothes purchased for one can be passed down to the other. Avoid going for clothes that are too trendy as they may be left unusable until the younger one grows big enough for it.
  4. Prefer clothes like Jeans, skirts and shorts: The best part of these outfits is that they can be mixed and matched with several other outfits without any second thoughts. You can go for jeans in blue and black colors while casual denim shorts look good and comfortable for children of all ages. Styling tip: You can invest into some accessories such as belts, chains and caps to give different looks to a same outfit.
  5. Go for layered clothes: Layered clothes are in great form this season and you can use this trend to your benefit. Even if the inner layer of the outfit gets smaller, you can still use it as it wont show up that much.
  6. Be smart in what you pick: If you spend a little more time in shoppping, you fill find that there are several varieties of shorts and jeans that come with adjustable waists. You will actaully feel that the clothes are growing along with your kid.

Clothing stores offer membership to regular customers which translates into amazing offers and free goodies too. So don’t forget to sign up when you go for shopping the next time.