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How to Spend a Friday Night in Fall Without Spending

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With the days getting shorter and the nights getting colder, people will need to find plenty of activities to occupy their weekends. Otherwise, they might get stuck indoors on a Friday night, not doing much. If you like to keep busy this time of year despite the change in the weather, then don’t fret. There are tons of things you can do on a Friday night, instead. And, these activities don’t need to cost you too much money.

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A Nice Dinner

Going out to dinner on a Friday night is pretty much a tradition. But, dressing up nice is a bit of a hassle in this weather, as is spending the money. Instead, you can trade in the dinner date for a home-cooked meal, right from your very own kitchen. Make it easy and order a pre-planned meal from Blue Apron. Or, if you want to get creative and make something all by yourself, then get your ingredients delivered right to your house from Amazon Fresh.

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A Movie Night

Going to the movies is always a blast, especially when it’s too cold outside to do anything else. Unfortunately, going to the movies isn’t as affordable as it once was. The good news is, you can easily do the whole movie night thing right in your house, for half the price. Watch the flick you want to see right at home by using FandangoNow

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A Family Game Night

A family game night is fun any night of the week. Best of all, getting together to play a game is a great excuse for staying in on a Friday evening in the fall. Run to your neighborhood Walmart and find a new board game that everyone’s interested in. Get some snacks and enjoy the night playing with your family.

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Visit a Haunted House

Halloween is right around the corner and there’s still plenty of time left to go to a haunted house! This coming Friday is your last chance. If Halloween parties aren’t really your thing and you much rather spend the night at a haunted house, then we got you covered. It’ll be a fun experience that won’t cost you too much. 

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Host a Party

If you’re not a fan of going out of the house and dressing up in the fall, then throw your own party and have your friends come to you! Have everyone chip in and bring their own booze and food. Or, keep things casual and just order some pizza. No need to spend money at a bar or a club when you can have fun in your own home.

Just because the season has changed doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your usual Friday nights. Try one of these awesome ideas and save money while you’re at it.