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How to Survive a Road Trip with Your Kids this Summer

So, you planned a family road trip this summer? It can be so much fun to plan an exciting vacation for the entire family. There are so many wonderful places to visit and things to see and do over the summertime. Trying to choose a location that will suit everyone in the family isn’t always easy, so once you have your destination mapped out and your reservations or travel plans set, it’s time to start thinking about the logistics of the trip.

If you will be making a long journey in the car, plan to map out your drive ahead of time. Weigh your options of which route will be best for your family. If older children or adult children will be traveling with you, you might want to opt for the route which will get you to your destination in the least amount of time. Keep in mind that there will probably be fewer places to stop along the way. If traveling with small children, it’s best to stick with a busier route that has plenty of places to stop for restroom breaks and meals. Try to check out where the rest areas are head of time if you can. Knowing how many miles it is between possible restroom locations will be a big help.

Make sure you have plenty of snacks and fresh drinks. Kids become bored in the car so easily, and they will no doubt complain about being hungry every half hour between your regular meals. Have a family snack bag with larger snacks that can be passed around and shared. It’s also a great idea to have an individual snack container for each child. A divided container works best. You can include different items like Goldfish crackers, grapes and trail mix. That way there’s a good mix of sweet and salty, and you have some fresh and healthy fruit in there, as well. The Container Store has a great variety of snack containers that are perfect to take on the go. Join The Container Store to get 15% off your purchase.

Have activities planned for your trip. For younger kids, having a project that they can work on in the car will keep their minds active. Make a travel journal ahead of the trip, and include pages that the kids can fill in and color on. Divide a page into three sections. Ask them to draw a picture representing the daily weather, foods they ate that particular day, and a place to share daily activities. Bring along stickers and crayons of colored pencils for each child, so that everyone can have their own supplied to work with. The journal will be a keepsake that they can look back on when they’re older. For older kids, bring a lot of books. A long car trip is a perfect time for them to enjoy reading or work toward earning rewards for those summer reading programs. Order new books from Barnes & Noble before you hit the road. You can also sign up for their summer reading program, where kids can earn a free book of their choice. Clearance books are up to 65% off, so don’t miss out on thousands of options.

Make a music playlist before you leave home. Make a family playlist that everyone can contribute songs to. Ask each family member to choose up to five songs that they enjoy, and download those songs to a CD or add them to your Spotify playlist to play in the car. Everyone will get a turn to hear their songs, and the music selection will always be fresh. Cool music will keep everyone calm and collected, and will probably keep everyone in better moods for the duration of the trip.

Encourage naps. If the kids are tired, encourage them to close their eyes. Let them know that the more they sleep, the faster you’ll reach your destination! Road trips can be taxing, but try to take it all in stride and enjoy these precious moments with your family. Your time together will pass by so quickly. Make the most of your trip and make some amazing memories!