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How to Take Advantage of Apple Season at a Good Price

apples, apple season, discounts, dealFall is our favorite season for a lot of reasons, but September is especially nice because of apple season. At farms all around the U.S., you can find amazing apple trees and spend the day getting the best pick or doing another activity to enjoy this delicious fruit. You can do so many things with apples and it definitely won’t cost you a lot to do so this time of year.

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Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is the highlight of the start of autumn. It’s the perfect time for friends and family to get together and visit a farm. Picking apples is generally very cheap and there’s often a lot more going on at the farm than just apple trees. Find an apple picking farm near you and get ready to take home as many as you can fit in the bags they give you!

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Have an Apple Dessert Bake-Off

After you go apple picking, you’re going to have to do something with all ‘dem apples! What’s better than an apple dessert bake-off? Find some inspiration at Bed Bath and Beyond, or see what you can come up with on your own. Everyone will love what it! I mean, who doesn’t love apple pie?

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Play Apples to Apples

If you’ve never heard of Apples to Apples, then you’re seriously missing out. This board game is fun for the whole family, especially because there’s a kid’s version. Everyone gets a set of green apple cards and red apple cards, each with different words, names, or phrases on them. To start, you put one red card in the middle of the circle, and each player puts down a green card that can describe the red card. The “judge” then decides which card combination is the best. Buy your game at Toys R Us!

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Buy Apple-Flavored Foods

Spice up apple season with apple flavored foods! Do online grocery shopping at Amazon Fresh, and fill your “cart” with as many things as possible! Get apple juice, apple cider, hard apple cider, apple chips, apple fruit leather, you name it! Sit around the table and enjoy these snacks to ring in the season!

Go Shopping for Apple-Themed Clothing and Accessories

You don’t need to be a teacher to sport apple-themed clothing. Though, it might be a good excuse to rock something so hilarious. Head to Target or order online from Forever 21 to find an apple dress, an apple tie, an apple hat…whatever floats your boat! And while you’re at it, maybe spoil your child’s teacher with some apple things for his or her desk.

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Host an Apple Bobbing Party

Got a lot of kids in your neighborhood suffering from the back to school blues? Then host an apple bobbing party in your backyard. Apple bobbing is when you get a giant barrel (or one that’s the age appropriate), fill it with water, and let the games begin! Kids (and adults who feel like joining in on the fun) need to stick their head into the barrel and try to bite the apples and pull them out.

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Visit “The Big Apple”

What better way to bring in apple season than by visiting The Big Apple itself. September is one of the best times to visit New York. And, you can get there at a good price by looking at tickets on Priceline. Whether you’re going to support the city in remembrance of 9/11 or you’re simply going to check out what this amazing city has to offer, never forget it’s nickname while you’re there.

Autumn is apple season. Celebrate it with one of these sweet activities!