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How to Throw a Baby Shower on the Cheap


Baby showers are in high demand during the summertime. Each year, it seems as though more and more babies are due to arrive in late summer or early fall, making the summer months the perfect time to host a baby shower for a friend, family member or co-worker. Sites like Pinterest make baby showers look so glamorous, and while beautiful, can be extremely intimidating. When all hostesses see are event perfect photos and ideas, it’s easy to become discouraged and want to scrap the idea of hosting a shower all together. Hosting a shower doesn’t have to look like a spread out of a magazine, and doesn’t have to cost you an entire paycheck to pull off. Check out some of these ideas for throwing a lavish shower on a budget.

Seek out co-hosts. One of the easiest ways to cut costs on hosting a shower is to host it with other people. If the shower is for a family member, ask other female family members to pitch in and help pull the shower off. You can easily delegate tasks to others. Make sure you feel comfortable being in charge of the shower, and if you don’t pass that onto someone else who doesn’t mind overseeing a bunch of different responsibilities.

You don’t have to use a theme for the shower. Themed baby showers are cute, but they’re also expensive to pull off. Try to stick with a color scheme, rather than an overall theme. That way, you can recycle decorations from past events, or find some inexpensive new ones. Oriental Trading is a fantastic resource when it comes to party decorations and accessories. DSave up to $40.00 on your entire purchase. Choose a few items for decorations in the colors that you’re using for the party. You can go with an inexpensive reusable table runner instead of a traditional tablecloth. Simple décor like paper pompoms can be hung up and used again in the future. The paper pompoms are also popular nursery décor, so you might just offer them to the expectant mom after the shower. Fresh flowers can be purchased at a local grocery store or nursery, and can truly add a wow factor to any event.

Keep the food simple. Gone are the days of over the top food spreads at baby showers. Some simple snacks like mixed nuts, cucumber sandwiches, fresh fruit and a dessert are quite enough to feed guests. Avoid scheduling the shower close to a major meal time. 2-4 pm is a great time to party and enjoy light refreshments without filling up too much. Serve a light punch or lemonade, something refreshing that guests will enjoy. You might also want to have hot coffee available as well as fresh filtered or bottled water.

Keep the guest list small. Your honoree will probably have a lot of people she’ll want to invite, but encourage her to keep the guest list small and intimate. If it’s a family shower, consider inviting close friends and family, only. If other friends or co-workers want to honor the mom-to-be, let them throw their own shower. Use simple stationery or make a custom invitation from Minted. Right now you can get 10% off any Minted order. There are a ton of beautiful options when it comes to designs. You could also go paperless and create an e-vite to save money and be kind to the environment.

On the day of the shower, do any food prep or decorating early in the day. That way, you’ll have time to get yourself ready for the event. After all, you’ll want to look your best. Make sure the guest f honor has a comfortable seat to sit in while she greets guests and opens gifts. Have a special pin or corsage for her to wear. Also, have a notebook and pen ready to record gifts. Pay attention to your guests’ needs, smile, and be a polite and gracious hostess, making everyone feel welcome.

At the end of the shower, help the mom to be cart all gifts to her car, and offer to help her get them home, If she needs extra space. Once all guests have left, take a seat and relax. Leave those dirty dishes to soak in the sink- you pulled off a great shower!