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How to Trim Your Credit Card Expenses

We all know for a fact that credit cards come in handy during emergency times and situations. They are our heroes when we have no money yet, in times when our pay checks get delayed and on times that your cash isn’t enough to pay for all the shopping you did.

But the downside of having credit cards is when it accumulates a high interest when the total balance is not paid on its due date. The total of all your purchases in a month is accumulated thus shocking you when it’s pay time already.


It is always a confusion to most people especially to those who cannot resist or always tempted to shop and shop with their credit cards that credit card is like a free pass to our shopping addiction. But when the time comes that you need to pay, you are like paying a lump sum of all your credits and it is not a healthy practice.

We should always think of how to lessen our bills and not to add expenses. We need to save some of our heard-earned money for future use and not on credit card interests only. We need money on more important and necessary things like education, health care and food.

Here are some tips on how to trim your credit card expenses thus saving you from drowning in debts

  1. Try to budget the cash you have in hand by listing all the important needs you will purchase. Try to stick on that list so there will be no impulse buying of unnecessary things and items.
  2. If you have more than one credit card, call your bank and have it close, you don’t need so many credit cards, it will just drown you in debt later on.
  3. Always pay the total amount to avoid high interest’s rates.
  4. When shopping, try to get coupons and coupon codes to save and get big discounts on the merchandise that you need and even on groceries.
  5. List down all your purchases on your card. In that way, you can track how much are you going to pay on its due date and cut back when you know that your credit is now way too high for you to pay the total amount.

Credit cards have a lot to offer to people. It has a lot of advantages especially nowadays we can’t always get to borrow money from other people because of tight budgets too and lower incomes or salaries. Sometimes we are not aware of things we are purchasing thus making us spend more and covered with debts. If use appropriately, credit cards can help you a lot in times of emergencies.


Choose to save more and cut your expenses especially on things not worth purchasing. Use only your credit card when you don’t have any option left. Use only your credit cards to purchase things that you know you can get a saving and giveaways that you know you can benefit. Saving money is easy. Know the right tactics and ideas and enjoy life to the fullest without having debts to worry about.